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  1. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    So I was on craigslist and saw this ad I was wondering if it would be possible to take the Brembo brakes (Calipers and rotors) and put them on my 2007 R/T AWD. Im pretty sure everything would hook up correctly but would the different wheel...
  2. Wheels/Tires/Brakes/Suspension
    Plasti Dipped my wheels with a color matched pinstripe and painted the calipers. Did the chrome shifter bezel too, but forget to take a picture of that. :beerchug:
  3. General Charger Discussion
    Some shots of my new set of 265*35*22's & the Candy Coat Enamel I had done on the Calipers, I had posted on the "New Members" board a thread for "Need Help with Tire Size ASAP" asking for help from anyone who had 22's on there Charger with a set of 265*35*22 on them, hoping to hear from...
  4. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Looking to upgrade a little to R/T or SRT8 Rotors and Calipes all around. Not looking to pay too much...but can't turn down a reasonable price. :bigthumb: The 2.7 ones are simply a joke. Thank you!
  5. General Charger Discussion
    Ok well here are the final touches,stock powder coated rims and painted calipers
  6. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    EDIT: SOLD! Up for sale is my set of Wilwood BSL6r front 6-piston calipers, brackets, 14" Wilwood slotted rotors, Stainless steel lines, pads, and all hardware. This is the Plus1 kit with the 14" rotors option from TCE. I put these on the day before the Spring Fest this March. So, maybe 5k...
  7. Wheels/Tires/Brakes/Suspension
    I,m curious about brake caliper options without spending an absolute fortune. Does any body know if SRT8 Calipers will fit on an R/T. Modded or stock? And Finally what about pads? 2703 '06 Top Banana Cuda Ram air hood, DUB Ram air CAI, JBA shorty headers through after-cats, Super Chips...
1-7 of 7 Results