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  2. 2006 Charger R/T upgrades

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    I have an 06 Charger RT 5.7 that I'm wanting to start upgrading. I don't know a lot about these cars because my last project was a 78 Z28. My plan right now is to start simple and get a tuner, CAI, throttle body, intake manifold, and replace the full exhaust. Later I'll probably do the heads and...
  3. 2 Mopar Cold Air Intakes - Which One?

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Ever since I purchased my cat back exhaust shortly after I bought my car, I've had it in mind that I would like to add a cold air intake as well. It's taken me several years, but I'm finally getting around to actually purchasing one. I'd like to go with a Mopar CAI because I like the look and...
  4. Attaching cone filter directly to throttle body?

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    I got a CAI which feeds down through the stock airbox hole and behind the bumper. When I first got it they sent me the wrong L shaped coupler, I had already attached the coupler to the throttle body as well as the pipe that comes off that. I also had the stock airbox already out, so instead of...
  5. Truth about CAI?

    V6 Specific Discussion
    So I am looking to get a big bully CAI for my 2.7. I have been looking into different CAIs and I keep finding people who say that they do nothing, or they lose HP and all they do is give your car a look or a sound. Is this true? What have you all found about getting a CAI in your chargers...
  6. FS:Corsa Extreme 5.7/AEM CAI

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Parting ways with one of my Chargers so I need to return to stock. Corsa Extreme: $500 plus stock RT exhaust AEM CAI: $100 plus stock CAI. Corsa extremes have about 10000 miles on them and CAI have about 500. Buyer pays shipping. Feel free to ask any questions.
  7. 2014 3.6l se

    V6 Specific Discussion
    Greetings, New to Dodge and new to this forum. I recently purchased a 2014 Dodge Charger 3.6l SE. It came with the 20" black Mopar rims. I love it so far except for the V6. I went with the V6 due to fuel costs and also insurance. I am looking for mods to do to this car. I have put in a drop in...
  8. Airaid cai w/air scoop attachment - $235 shipped

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Airaid cai w/air scoop attachment - $225 shipped.... SOLD!!! I'm selling my Airaid Cai w/scoop $225 shipped to the lower 48...will ship to Canada,but shipping will be charged,all original parts are included,I will provide tracking number and you can choose which shipping agency you would like...
  9. CAI and Tune recommendations?

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Out of all the CAI systems, which one would you recommend for my DODGE 2007 CHARGER SRT8 = injen, k&n,aEM,volant,weapon-r,airaid? Which tuner would you recommend How easy is it to install a CAI and/or program your car with the tuner. any side effects?
  10. Mopar CAI and Warranty issues

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    New to the forums and have a question for the experienced moders out there. I have a new 2013 R/T max with about 2800 miles on it and bought a Mopar cold air intake. The reason I bought a Mopar one vs a K/N or other was to keep the warranty intact as I also purchased a lifetime mopar warranty on...
  11. Finally made my intake....

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    So I decided to follow the "How Do I Do Everything" post on the DIY Intake. I haven't gotten to run the intake since it is snowing again and I don't want a speck of salt on my brand new staggered Torq Thrust's I just mounted this week. So until I can actually try it out, I can only show you...
  12. 2.7L Cold Air Intake Question

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    What's up guys... Quick question... I know i have the 2.7 so im not looking for monster results, but i thought i'd ask ... Im contemplating buying the K&N Cold Air Intake for my car ... 1) Will it void the dodge warranty? 2) What are the pros and cons (both performance wise And...
  13. CAI or Stock Air Box

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    So right now I have a CAI installed but I have been wondering, what is better the CAI or stock air box? What's more responsive? Which gives better MPG? What is better for the engine? Which has more power?
  14. K&N Cold Air Intake information

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Hey guys I am thinking about getting a K&N cold air intake for my 2010 3.5L V6 SXT and wanted to know how many mpg's I can expect to lose. I know that people swear that a CAI will increase mpg's, but I've spoken to many car mechanics, enthusiasts and have read plenty of online articles that...
  15. CAI reviews anyone?

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    im thinking about getting a CAI but im having trouble on deciding which one. I know this has been a topic on here a lot, im just wondering what CAI you guys got and how do you guys like it. I really don't care much about hp gain im more interested in the price, installation, sound, and looks...
  16. New to thread! V6 modification suggestions

    V6 Specific Discussion
    Hi everyone! I am new to the forum and just wanted to get your opinion. I recently bought a black 06 charger sxt. Its all stock except for my black dice so far. I would like to get an exhaust system, a CAI, a predator computer chip, and window tint. Have any suggestions for what brands and what...
  17. Which has best CAI of these - K&N, AEM, or Airaid?

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Anyone with experience of these 3 brands, which is the best or most recommended for a basic CAI? Or would you recommend an entirely different brand? These 3 just have units that fall in my budget. How would you rate the performance, life of unit, installation, fit, etc? Also which model of the...
  18. Is this a coincidence?

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    Hey everyone, About 2 days after installing my CAI, my check engine light came on. I disconnected the battery to clear it and waited to see if it would return, thinking it may have to do with the CAI install. It didn't come on for exactly 2 weeks afterward. I took it over to Autozone to get...
  19. Best 3.5l cai internet prices

    V6 Specific Discussion
    If anyone has the inside track on best internet prices for 3.5L CAI' them here. Feel free to post best deals on Mopar, AFE, Big Bully, etc. I'm most interested in a 3.5L Mopar CAI...but not sure who has the best price for this item.
  20. New Rims + Tires = Bad MPG :(

    I have the 3.5 SXT RWD Charger. I was averaging about 17mpg, which I couldn't complain about because of how much I love my car. About a month ago I got some 20' rims and new Hankook tires. My mpgs have gone WAY down since then, I'm getting maybe 13-14. I drive 99% city, and my driving habits...