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  1. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Hello guys, I have a Dodge charger SXT 2018 and I am planning to install an ODB2 Bluetooth module (AlfaODB) to make some modifications and tune some settings within the car system and transmission settings. My question is, do I need a double bypass harness to install the ODB2 module and perform...
  2. Audio - Alarms - Navigation - Electronics
    Installed some 07 srt8 seats into an 08 se charger and the plugs were no were near matching. So I hardwired the power seats and that leaves me with one HUGE problem. The airbag light is on and I have no protection. Isn't there a way I can use a resistor or something to mimic the signal that it...
  3. Audio - Alarms - Navigation - Electronics
    I recent bought and had installed a Clifford Avantguard 5.1 Alarm system for my 2008 Dodge charger SE 3.5 V6. To my surprise i was told that i will not be able to use the blackjax system with this vehicle due to the fact that it is a Data type ignition system not a traditional key and ignition...
1-3 of 3 Results