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  1. Push Button Start In 2007 SXT

    Interior Discussion/Modifications
    Just was out in my car looking for something and it came to mind... is it possible to remove the old style key ignition and replace it with a push button start like in the new 2011+ models?
  2. Dashboard Panel Reaction

    General Charger Discussion
    Maybe someone can help me out. I notice the dashboard reacts slow when a button is pressed or a function is changed. For example when I change the air from hot to cold, its still hot for a long time before it changes. Or when I change it from feet to the dash setting, it takes a long time to...
  3. Electric Cutouts - Can I Use This Button?

    General Charger Discussion
    I would really like to get electric exhaust cutouts to put after my Flowmasters and before the resonators. I want to be able to have that deep Flowmaster sound when I want and to be drone free when I need it. My question - Can I use the button to the far left as the button to open/close the...