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  1. New Video of Burnout and Race

    Picture/Media Post
    Here is my timeslip with new mods 12.5 on slip Here is new youtube video
  2. Gnarly Story, Questions on Drifting V6...

    V6 Specific Discussion
    Hello everyone, as y'all know i got a 2013 charger sxt.... I got the sport mode and a mopar CAI..... So yesterday, I was with my buddy and I decided to see if my car could drift.... Me being the smart guy I am (notttt) turned off traction control, cranked the car in sport mode, GUNNED it full...
  3. 3.5L SXT Burnout?

    V6 Specific Discussion
    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone with a stock 3.5L HO V6 Charger has had any luck doing a burnout. I have a stock 2010 SXT and have tried (unsuccessfully) on a few occasions to burnout in it. I only want to be able to burnout every now and then because I do not want to mess up my transmission...
  4. DRP 1 Hoosiers 0

    BMC / Speedlogix
    Good times today at the shop ... nothing like a mean 426!!
  5. 06 RT doing a burnout on a 100 shot of nitrous

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Video is on Youtube:
  6. Me burning old tires!!

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  7. My tires needed replacing.

    Picture/Media Post
  8. Nice Charger Burn Out Video

    General Charger Discussion