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  1. New Head/Tail light housings. Suggestions?

    Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    Alrighty Folks, I recently purchased a 2007 SRT-8!!! It is black and has Black/brushed alum. wheels. I would like to further the black look with some new housings and lights. I want good quality, and don't want to have to rewire the whole danged car. What are some quality brands that will work...
  2. HVAC Backlights Went Out After Speaker Wiring

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    Ok, so here's what happened: When I bought the car, I could tell a hackjob was done to the speaker wiring to have an aftermarket setup installed. Only about 2 1/2 speakers were actually fully functional. I just had all the speaker wiring reconnected like it should so all 7 speakers work great...
  3. Bulb questions

    Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    hey so i have two quick questions about my fogs and my license plate bulb: fogs: does anyone know the maximum color temp (k) our factory fog light housings are rated for? ive heard horror stories about bulbs melting the housings. the ones im looking at are 6000k. license: does anyone know the...
  4. "White" Low Beams

    Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    I know this has probably been discussed ad nauseum, but I'm wondering if there's a low beam bulb that looks "whiter" than the stock "orange" looking bulbs for my '06 R/T. Not interested in HID kits, removing the front end, converters, stripping wires, etc., etc. :rolleyes2: Wondering if I can...