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  1. F/S: RED 6 PISTON CALIPERS. 8,000 MILES ON THEM. 1250 shipped or best offer

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Looking to sell a set of 6 piston calipers with rotors and pads. All have under 8,000 miles on them. Rotors are not oem mopar they are wagner part number BD180802E. I can send pictures upon request. I am selling my scat pack for a trackhawk.
  2. SRT8 Brembo Replacement

    Hello everyone, I am fairly new here. I bought a 2007 Dodge Charger SRT8 about a month ago. It is going to need new breaks sometime soon. I'm just curious if there are any alternatives breaks that are better quality than the stock Brembos. Thanks for any input.
  3. Brembo Brakes on an R/T AWD???

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    So I was on craigslist and saw this ad I was wondering if it would be possible to take the Brembo brakes (Calipers and rotors) and put them on my 2007 R/T AWD. Im pretty sure everything would hook up correctly but would the different wheel...
  4. Brake(s) Opinion(s)

    Hi Guys, Sorry for the lag in posts since my 1st's been a crazy world. Anyhow, I am looking to eventually swap out my brake set-up for the new charger. Now here is the rub (no pun intended) I am trying to get my info together for which brake system would work/be best for my...
  5. SRT8 Brakes First Post Ever

    Charger SRT-8 Discussion
    Hello All, I have a SRT8 charger and its time to replace the brakes. I have looked through the forums and come to find that most of you have replaced your brakes with the bendix, the satisfied, and some with hhf hawks. I am getting ready to order and wanted to know, how do you feel about the...
  6. SRT8 Brembo Brakes Step-By-Step

    I wanted to post this, because frankly, I was having trouble finding a great deal of detail on the SRT8 Brembo brake work. I was also inspired by Junior's 5.7L Brake Step-by-Step. Mine is not as well done, but I hope it helps. If this is duplicated, my apologies. This is a bit photo heavy, but I...
  7. Two Piece Rotor Replacements?

    It's time to change the rotors on the SRT, and I really wanna get a 2pc rotor that will still work with stock Brembo calipers. Anyone out there shed some light on the subject for me? What pads do you recommend running with a 2pc setup? If there is no 2pc, what are other SRT owners replacing...
  8. F/S BREMBO BRAKE DISCS, Mopar Factory High Performance SRT8

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    FOR SALE: Set of Four (4) BREMBO, Mopar Factory High Performance Brake Discs Used from SRT8 Charger, Very Low miles, Good Condition, replaced for slotted brakes, not wear. FITS: '05 - '09 Charger/300C/Challenger/Grand Cherokee and more. $100 Plus Shipping or :alfdance:$200 Free Shipping
  9. SRT8 Calipers on R/T?

    I,m curious about brake caliper options without spending an absolute fortune. Does any body know if SRT8 Calipers will fit on an R/T. Modded or stock? And Finally what about pads? 2703 '06 Top Banana Cuda Ram air hood, DUB Ram air CAI, JBA shorty headers through after-cats, Super Chips...
  10. Charger rt8 vs. Charger srt8 brakes

    Charger SRT-8 Discussion
    I have a 2007 charger rt8, I am trying to figure out if the Brembo brake system from the srt8 charger will fit right on without any modificatios. If there is any one out there who had the cojones to do this swap please let me know.. thanks