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brake light

  1. ABS Light and Codes

    General Charger Discussion
    Currently I have the ABS, ESP, Brake and Mr Squiggles light on and a blinking TPMS Light. I got codes C1015, C100A, C2100, U0141, C1035 C1015 is Right Front Speed Sensor Circuit C100A is Left Front Speed Sensor Circuit U0141 Lost Communication with BCM A C1035 Right Rear Wheel Speed Comparative...
  2. Brake Lights Not Working?

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    My LH, RH, and Center brake lights do not come on when braking. The bulbs are not bad bc the taillights come on with parking/headlights like they should but do not get brighter when braking. Also, the LH and RH taillights work with the turn signal and hazard switch. I checked the fuses (#8 in...
  3. emergency brake coming on

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    I recently started noticing my E-Brake light comes on as Im driving. I read threads that stated some people bump the pedal which can be too sensitive, but this happens to me as Im driving with my foot away from the pedal. Its stays on for a short period of time then goes off....suddenly it pops...
  4. Third brake light problem

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    Hi, I have an annoying problem with the third/LED brake light on my Dodge Charger 2006 (5.7l), it won't work. I checked the voltage on the connector and it shows 10V when brakes are hit while engine is on, if engine is off there's no voltage at all, is that normal? The other brake lights work...
  5. Multi Trunk Malfunction

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    3 Malfunctions with the Trunk: 1> Will not pop open unless manually use key to unlock 2> Trunk light does not work 3> Brake light on trunk does not work Firstly, I open and close my trunk at least 10xs++ a day. So, with the Charger being known to have trunk malfunction issues this is somewhat...