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  1. Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    Anyone ever find a nice billet/metal body pushpin for the wheel wells? I want to be able to easily unscrew the pins so I can peel back the plastic shroud in both the left and right front fenders for easy access to fog hid's and True CAI I have to clean a few times a year. I was thinking they...
  2. Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    Im looking into a rear spoiler for my ride, in either inferno red or black. Please help me out with this mod! Thanks:bowdown:
  3. Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    So here's the nicest hood i found -- heres the nicest painted spoiler i could find... -- and better products you guys know of? i heard a...
  4. Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    Hey Group! I am going to be painting my 1971 Charger and I am torn between flame red, or Viper Red. I was wondering if anyone could send me pictures of cars painted flame red, or Viper red so I can see the difference. I have seen the paint chips online, but is there maybe some pics of cars...
1-4 of 5 Results