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  1. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Hey guys I just put on my Blastin Bobs b62 kit and I love them. The next thing I want to do is make it as fast as it sounds. I hear a predator tuner is the way to go but I'm having trouble finding one for sale. I am new so I can't post in the buy/sell section yet so I was wondering if there are...
  2. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Hey guys I'm thinking about getting a Borla muffler for my 2010 SXT and wanted to know if the stock muffler is offset/offset or offset/center or center/center so that I can buy the right muffler. I have the Blastin Bobs dual tip 12db kit on now running with the stock muffler and it sounds great...
  3. V6 Specific Discussion
    Hey everyone I am going to get the 12db BB system for my 2010 SXT and was wondering if anyone has one with a Borla muffler. I wanted to know how the car sounds with a Borla muffler with the BB kit, as well as any drone that is heard in the cabin at interstate speed Rpm's (2-3000rpm) since most...
  4. V6 Specific Discussion
    Hey everyone, I own a bone stock 2010 3.5L SXT and I am planning on purchasing a Blastin Bobs kit this week but I am not sure which one I want to get. I know that I want something with a little kick to it, but not obnoxiously loud. I talked to Bob on the phone about the kits and he said the B2...
  5. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Asked the wife if I could spend the $$ for a cat-back and she said NO. So now I am thinking Blastin Bobs may be the way to go. I am not too concerned about HP, this is pretty much our family car but I want it to sound mean. I put on a K&N CAI and it sounds great when I get on it but I want more...
  6. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Brycleem Mod with Blastin Bob glasspack kit I recently got the brylceem MOD completed on my RT. I enjoy the new sound that I have but Im not completely satisfied. I know that I could get great sound if I bought a complete cat-back system but Im not looking to spend money like that yet. So have...
  7. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Im considering purchasing a pair of Blastin bob mufflers (2 Chamber welded performance muffler "Plain Box" # KO42543) for my 2008 Charger RT and leaving the stock resos. I was wondering has anyone else purchased these and would they recommend these over other high end performance mufflers..Ive...
  8. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Kept the axle back set up when I installed Corsa on my SRT8 Maggie. No need to cut your stock axle back to install your Blastin Bobs. $150 you pick up in Vegas or pay the shipping.
  9. V6 Specific Discussion
    do blastin bobs clamp to the muffler or am i going to have to put a pipe between them? and also what size r the pips on the blastin bobs
  10. V6 Specific Discussion
    i plan on getting blastin bobs but should i get the mandrell bends which r $45 more or just press bends and whats the difference?
  11. V6 Specific Discussion
    Brand new universal dual pipes with 4 inch tips from the Y pipe back easy and about 100 dollars to install. Still in bubble wrap recent liscense suspension forces me to sell paid 230 settle for 150...Email me at [email protected] or text me at 850-291-5411
1-11 of 11 Results