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black chrome

  1. Black Chrome Plating

    After months of searching, I finally settled on a wheel I liked, only to find out that it no longer comes in the black chrome finish. 300c SRT8 22" replicas.,DODGE+CHARGER%C4+MAGN%C5/969,Chrysler+300C+Alloy+Wheels+Black+Chrome+22x9/ I emailed them...
  2. VHT on Chrome Grille?

    Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    So I've been wanting to get rid of the chrome grille for a black one, but I'm moving to Rancho Cucamonga soon and need to save my money and ive seen that painting it is a pain and has problems with flaking. So i was thinking about trying a blackchrome look and thought about layering VHT...
  3. WTB 17" Black w/ Chrome Wheels _-_ WTS 17" Steelies

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    If anyone has a full set of 17" wheels that are black with little or no chrome and they have little or no damage then please PM or reply with pictures, price, and location. If I find a seller for the above item then I will be selling my 17" steelies.
  4. what finish should I go with?

    trying to decide what finish rim I should go with for my Silver steel Charger.