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  1. F/S: Parting out my 2006 Daytona

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    I sold my 2006 GoManGo yesterday, after 14+ great years. I removed most of my mods, and am offering them up for sale. Pics available for all, but if you're shopping here, you know what they look like. Everything is in good or better condition. Billet Tech stuff Door pull bezels (burnt orange)...
  2. BT oil catch can mount?

    Performance Discussion/Modifications (2011 +)
    I have a 2014 Charger RT 5.7 and I am looking to get a oil cath can now that I just installed a AFE cold air intake and will be installing a diablo 93 oct performance tune soon. I am looking to get a Billet Technologys oil catch can but I would like to know which mount to go with. i would like...
  3. Any Interest? Possible New Mod...

    Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    Hello Folks, So as we all know, Dodge has changed up the front ends of their newest lines of vehicles and in doing so, eliminated the badge from the front end. The newer vehicles like the Charger, Durango, Caliber, Dart, etc...share a similar inside dimension at the center of the "cross-hairs"...
  4. WTB: BT Blue Anodized Shift knob/BT Interior Pieces/Danko

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    I am looking for any interior pieces from BT. Primarily looking for the blue anodized ball shifter or any other blue anodized pieces, would consider black if someone had it available. Also looking for a Danko Reproductions ’68 Style Custom Grille W/Hex Mesh
  5. Catch Can - Why?

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    My Billet Catch-Can has just completed 30,000 miles and I've been saving the sludge. Here's a full pint of sludge that has not gone back for a second visit. I changed the plugs at 35,000 miles and they were the cleanest of any vehicle I have owned. I do recommend the use of braided hoses as I...
  6. Help: Billet Tech Water Neck w/ Police Cooler

    Billet Technology
    I am having a difficult time finding the correct attachment for the police cooler version of the BT water neck. Anybody out there that has one and can explain what they used it would be greatly appreciated. I have purchased and returned a couple different AN-fittings but none worked. Just...
  7. Blue and Red Billet Tech Stuff?

    Interior Discussion/Modifications
    So since I have now installed my Mopar intake and it is blue, I was thinking about getting the BT underhood package in blue to match. But I was wondering if anyone had something like this setup under the hood so I could see it before dropping the 180ish on a color that I may not like. I also...
  8. BT Limited Edition Catch Can

    Billet Technology
    I still need to swap out my braided lines for the BT edition braided lines but here is a few pics of the only 2-tone limited edition catch can in case you did not get to see it at the LX & Beyond Nationals!!! Thanks BT! ;)
  9. 2009 LX & Beyond Nats - Carshow & Raffle Winners

    Billet Technology
    Congrats to the following winners at the 2009 LX & Beyond Nationals. Billet Technology has been provided with your name and advised you were $100 gift certificate winner. Congrats again and enjoy!!! Billet Technology $100 Gift Certificate Best Paint & Finish: Experienced Class Winner: John...
  10. Billet Tech Eye Candy: Polished Knobs :)

    Billet Technology
    Just playin' around with my polished knobs :) I took photos too ;) Thanks Billet Tech, Christmas was good to me! Please feel free to use these photos if you'd like. I can get you high res shots if you want. I have yet to shoot photos of the door lock covers.
  11. Catch-can replacement braided hose

    Billet Technology
    I ordered some hose from Summit Racing as well as four clamps. This stuff is rated for this use so shouldn't break down. CLAMPS: HOSE...
  12. Billet Technology catch can - Final verdict on hose replacement?

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    I just got and installed the Billet tech catch can today with the startup heater hose. In reference to the issue with this hose, how long do you think ill get out of it before it needs to be replaced realistically? Also, I remember various opinions on what hoses to use to fix the oil bleed /...
  13. Front hood emblems

    Billet Technology
    Good day again folks. We are going to start rolling off some custom front end emblems for the Charger and Magnums. Here are some samples for The Charger. We plan on black anodizing these then taking the engraves after anodize for the "pop out at ya" look. Plans are for R/T, SRT, and some...