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  1. Wheels/Tires/Brakes/Suspension
    So always loved the look of bagged chargers and my buddy just got a new nissan truck on airbags and doubled my interest in getting them. But have a few questions as too.... -Which Kit are you running? -If you did self install how was it? -if not how much was it to be installed? -Any...
  2. Charger Problems/Assistance
    I've been on this site for hours trying to figure out how to remove the passenger side airbag on an '07 Charger R/T. I managed to get the drivers side airbag out but I am struggling with this one. Do I have to take off the dash? Or can I get to it through the glove box? Can anyone please help...
  3. South Eastern
    Not sure who it belongs to, but it's a nice one. Sorry about the photo quality. The iPhone does not have a good camera.
1-3 of 3 Results