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  1. WTB: Factory Charger 5.7L Air Intake / Air Inlet Duct 4861940AC

    Canada / Mexico
    WANT TO BUY: Dodge Charger 5.7L Air Intake / Air Inlet Duct 4861940AC Are you adding a CAI to your 2011 (or newer) Charger 5.7L? Want to sell your original set up? PM me! Thanks.
  2. What modifications should I do and in what order?

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    I have a 2006 dodge charger R/T and I was wondering what modifications should I do first I am a novice mechanic and Dont want to do anything overly complicated but am looking into upgrading air intake, exhaust, maybe a new programming chip. Let me know what modification I can do that will go a...
  3. Special of the Week - Air Intakes
    Hey Guys, So I told you I was going to be running specials for you guys and wanted to start by giving you guys a huge deal. It is going to be running until 8/19. Take an additional 15% off any intake you order use the coupon code from the link below and you will get your 15% off...
  4. *** Im just a cool girl who needs some assistance please !! 08 Charger SXT V6

    General Charger Discussion
    ;)I am a girl who knows a little and needs to learn alot!!! I want to add only the best and the main mods to my car, I need some direction on where and what to start with and so on...... I am just getting started........I think I should first get a CAI system, the dual exhaust is already...
  5. Need Opinion on Air Intake

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    I am planning on putting in cold air intake in my charger, but wanted to get an opinion on which one should I go for. I have heard lot about K & N, but after doing some online research I did find good deal at, but they have lot of different options, below is what they have...