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  1. BND Automotive
    So I'm actually looking to speak with Brian of BND about aces and quantum blue, i recently ordered from you while i was on the golf course if you remember haha. Anyways i was just wondering if when i receive my product, should i detune my canned predator for it? I currently run the 91 octane...
  2. BND Automotive
    Hello guys! Long time reader, first time poster. This post is mostly headed to Brian (370 Hemi), but others are obviously free to share their opinions. Brian did a good job in the past to explain why other competitor are/are not as good as BND products. 1st that come in mind being a complete...
  3. BND Automotive
    Hi Brian, Going to take the plunge :) and wondering if there are any issues/costs shipping to Canada? Could you let me know if the following specials still apply? 15% off any one thing that we make. Performance Special Steering System Protection Special If you spend over $200.00, receive a...
1-3 of 3 Results