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  1. South Eastern
    so, i have a 3.5 L V6 charger... im on my way to making it fun, good looking and fast, but there are somethings that i need put out in laymens terms and some questions i have for those of you who are patient enough to respond to my ignorance and stupidity 1) how do you disable the governor that...
  2. Product/Vendor & Buyer/Seller Reviews
    Well as some of you may have read in the following thread I had purchased OBX Stainless Steel Shorties for my 3.5L Dodge Magnum with anticipation to hopefully sell them as a compliment to the ported throttle bodies and manifolds. Well I performed the install over 1 month ago and have been...
  3. V6 Specific Discussion
    OBX-R Headers Write-Up, Photos and Video So I've been searching for an alternative to the JBA shorties for a long while. I've never been satisfied with their build quality or finish. I emailed every major headers company I could find without any luck (including OBX). I was either told it...
1-3 of 3 Results