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  1. Snow Tires and Wheel Setup for Dodge Charger, Challenger, or Chrysler 300C

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Snow tire setup for Dodge Charger, Challenger or Chrysler 300C Price: $750 Dodge Rallye Wheels 18” General Altimax Artic 12 Size: 225-60-R18 Studdable (studs not currently installed) Wheels have never been installed or driven on. Contains a new set of TPMS sensors. Brand new and ready for...
  2. How to Find Out if a Car Model You're Talking About Exists

    Charger Chat Lounge
    How to Find Out if a Car You're Talking About Exists According to Google, what kind of Charger really exists? Which one really doesn't? Which one is most likely going to be a future collectible (hint: it's not the Hellcat!)? MODEL OVERVIEW: #/RESULTS Dodge Charger SE: 10,500,000 Dodge Charger...
  3. New LX Dual Gauge Pod w/ OEM Matched Fabric

    BMC / Speedlogix
    We are excited to bring you another new product for your LX ... a dual gauge pod by REM that is covered to closely match your factory A-pillar fabric. These are very nicely done and definitely have a more upscale look than the traditional plastic pods. Right now we have 6, so if you want one...
  4. F/S 22" Rim/tire package

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    ***** F/S 22" Rim's & Tires --more pics*****lower price-- will ship sweet condition. only 1k miles on tires the rim/tire package i have cost 2600 new i paid 2k and only asking $1000 i lowered my price just to get rid of them =) i did want 1200. would prefer buyer to come see rims before...
  5. Fastest 6.1 stock block cars !!

    Charger SRT-8 Discussion
    Just wanting to no the fastest stock 6.1 only blocks in any srt vehicle. Please post times, mods and cost of mods thanks everyone in advance !:driving: :beerchug: