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  1. General Charger Discussion
    I have an 06 Charger 2.7 engine and a few days ago I heard what sounded like a timing chain rattle. I turned my enine off and turned it back on and the sound was gone. I currently have 201k miles and the timing chain and water went out and blew my engine a couple years ago at 190k. So my whole...
  2. California
    there's a water leak and it coming into the car from the front of the car and my carpet it soaked I'm trying to figure out how to Remove the carpet
  3. Charger Problems/Assistance
    2009 Charger 2.7L v6 186k miles Took my car in because It was pouring out coolant. Mechanic initially stated thermostat and housing are cracked an need to be replaced; never fully agreed because cracked thermostats don’t pour out half a gallon of coolant in a parking spot in a couple minutes...
  4. General Charger Discussion
    Someone near me has a CatBack dual exhaust system belonging to a 07 charger RT. I am wondering if it would fit my 2010 2.7L. From what I can find the part numbers for the isolator, rear brackets, and heat shields match but that's all. Looking for someone who might have a better insight beyond...
  5. Charger Problems/Assistance
    Hey, So I'm trying to find where the transmission shift solenoid is on my car. I bought the manual for it and it says nothing and I've searched all over the internet and I'm coming up with nothing. I have a 07 SE 2.7L V6 model with a 42RLE transmission. Does anyone know where its located?
  6. V6 Specific Discussion
    So I am looking to get a big bully CAI for my 2.7. I have been looking into different CAIs and I keep finding people who say that they do nothing, or they lose HP and all they do is give your car a look or a sound. Is this true? What have you all found about getting a CAI in your chargers...
  7. Wheels/Tires/Brakes/Suspension
    Hey everyone, I'm looking at getting these wheels from OE Wheels inc. They are a super bee replica size 20x9.0. I have an 08 charge SE 2.7l. Has anyone purchased from this company in the past? I've done some research on them and they seem like they are a reputable company...
  8. Charger Problems/Assistance
    So I have been noticing more and more in the last few months that when I go uphill there is a burning smell that comes into the cabin of the charger. I have an 08 se 2.7l, and I notice that in one spot in particular where I get on the freeway most of the time, I experience the burning smell...
  9. V6 Specific Discussion
    Hi guys im new here, Names Mr. Rager I own a 2006 Dodge Charger V-6 2.7L with 184,000 miles When i drive my car for about 5 minutes it makes a ding noise. It been doing it for a while and i havent investegated enough until now becuase the noise is annoying when driving and talking with...
  10. Charger Problems/Assistance
    Hey everybody, Thanks for checking out my post. I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right spot, but I'll go ahead and ask anyways. I am coming up on 90,000 miles on my 2008 2.7 Liter. I bought the car in 2009 with about 30,000 miles on it, and since I have bought it I have not done a...
  11. Wheels/Tires/Brakes/Suspension
    I am having a hard time finding 17x7 - 5x115 - 15-25mm wheels for my Charger! Can anyone steer me in the right direction for some decent looking 5 spoke rims? Thanks !
  12. V6 Specific Discussion
    Hey Folks I found these brakes and rotors on EBAY, I was just wondering if they are any good or if they are garbage. Here is the link:
  13. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Please help i am trying to change my thermostat but have no idea where the thermostat is housed. I havge a 2007 dodge charger 2,7l v6 SE. I heard it was on the lower left side of the engine would this be the drivers side? any pictures or videos would be extremely helpful.
  14. V6 Specific Discussion
    Hey Does anybody know of a strut bar that will fit a 2.7? Ive been looking around i only really see them for the V8s.
  15. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Hey Folks I just bought a stock dual for a daytona RT, and im throwing it on my 2.7L V6, I know i need some rubber hangers and some of that insulation for the gas tank but im not sure where to get them, does anybody know of an online store that has them?
1-15 of 15 Results