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  1. Wheel Advice Needed

    I was looking to get some 22 inch wheels for my charger, I've been looking online and found this website Basically i want to know if anyone has ever dealt with them before. If anyone knows then please let me know their prices are pretty good compared...
  2. (PICS) Finally lowered eibach Pro Kit

    After 2 months of having my 22s on I have finally lowered my ride using the eibach pro kit. The pics are 2 days after I lowered it. I also tinted my tail lights a light smoke, and my plasti dip blackout trunk is still looking good after a month I sprayed it on. Let me know what yall guys think. :D
  3. FS: TSW 22x9/ Hyper Silver/ Vredestein Tires

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Very clean 22 TSW Jarama Hyper Silver racing alloy rims. Update, I have two rims for sale!! 500 shipped. I sold the tires, and two other rims. This would be perfect for a person looking to get the rear for staggered. $500 Shipped
  4. 22x9 Black Vipers with Dunlop Sport Maxx Tires-Texas

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    SOLD--22x9 Black Vipers with Dunlop Sport Maxx Tires--SOLD SOLD THEM!! Thanks Ron.
  5. Boss 22x9.5 for sale or trade

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    I have boss 329s with tires for sale/trade. There 22x9.5 and the tires are just about new. I only used them for 4months. The only reason im selling them is because i want the viper rims now. So if anyone has 22in viper rims i will be more then happy to trade. :driving: