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  1. Performance Discussion/Modifications (2011 +)
    Hey guys, I have a '17 Charger R/T and am looking to start adding some mods to optimize the car for maximum fun on the street. I'm not into drag racing or going to the track or anything. My main goal is to learn about which mods are worth doing to make the car drive as smooth as possible, sound...
  2. General Charger Discussion
    Hey i have a 2017 Charger Sxt Awd and i want to upgrade the back tires to bigger ones, what would be the biggest size that would fit on the Rim
  3. General Charger Discussion
    Hello fellow muscle brothers, I have a question what will happen if I put a srt or scat pack unlocked PCM instead of the stock PCM in my dodge charger rt 2017 will it affect the screen options, performance, etc? Many thanks Ace
  4. Audio - Alarms - Navigation - Electronics (2011 +)
    Hello everyone! I have a S/E 2017 Charger that has been treating me great except for one small problem. Everyday when the car is off and sitting alone in my driveway, the alarm chirps 7-9 times. I have seen it happen a couple times and each time the car was untouched. The street is silent and...
  5. Audio - Alarms - Navigation - Electronics (2011 +)
    Hey Guys, New here, I have a 2017 Dodge Charger SE with the Uconnect 5" screen. Unfortunately the dealer didn't have the color I wanted in the SXT model so I picked the SE, but it didn't come with a back up camera. my plan is to purchase the OEM camera & Bracket with the wiring jumper and...
1-5 of 5 Results