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2014 rt

  1. Charger Problems/Assistance
    Just put in a new to me transfer case that held 84k miles and still hearing the loud clunk at highway speeds! Is this to be expected ? Or do I have another lemon.
  2. Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    Looking to add front lip splits like the newer models. Like the yellow two piece. Looks like they all start for 15 and up. Anyway to get same look for older model?
  3. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Howdy, I've been following the threads for a while and talking to different performance shops in my area (Houston TX) and I keep getting mixed opinions on the best way to go. I have a 2014 RT Max with 42,000 miles. It really is the perfect daily driver for me (heated and cooled...
  4. General Charger Discussion
    I was looking for a good exhaust system for a 2014 pursuit and I ran across a YouTube video where they put a scatpack exhaust on a 2014 RT. Does anyone know what year of scatpack exhaust would fit on a 2014 pursuit?