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  1. 255/55R20s on Viper Replicas, 2010 AWD R/T

    Hello all! Does anyone know if the setup would work? Car's suspension is completely stock. I'm wanting to get the Viper rims but don't like the look of less sidewall. I want the fender gap to be smaller but I'm not wanting to lower the car since it's my daily. Thanks in advance!
  2. HELP ME!!! 2010 Charger 2.7L Cranks-No Start, Has Compression, fuel, and spark.

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    I have a 2010 Dodge Charger 2.7L engine, 140k on it. Was running totally fine, was parked overnight, and when it was tried to start the next morning it would only crank, no start. I've checked everything I could think of and it is starting to drive me crazy!! It has spark (found that out the...
  3. Blowing Coil Fuse and P2314 Ionization Codes

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    Going to post the question here because I am fed up with the dealers here in Miami. Basic background: 2010 Dodge Charger SRT8. Vortech Blower Kit installed 5 years ago. Has run perfectly for 5 years and 100K+ miles. About 6 months ago I was driving in the city when out of nowhere the car...
  4. 2010 Charger Sequential Taillight Issue

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    I have a question about my taillights that I'm hoping someone can provide some insight towards. I purchased the sequential tail light harnesses from Web Electric Products about 4 years ago now. Recently, I discovered that while my left set of tail lights still function properly, the right set do...
  5. LED Help

    Audio - Alarms - Navigation - Electronics
    I have a 2010 charger sxt. I have switched out every bulb on the car as of yesterday. I have 6000k hid headlights ,68smd amber blinkers with resistors tapped in for hyper blink correction, amber t10 leds for my markers, cree led fogs, t10 led reverse lights and yesterday i switched the remaining...
  6. 2010 Charger SXT Nav Bezel?

    Audio - Alarms - Navigation - Electronics
    Hey guys I have a 2010 Charger SXT with the factory radio (Media center 130 CD/MP3) and I am looking to get a Pioneer AVIC-X940bt installed. I heard from a friend that I will need the double din bezel but I can only find bezels for 06-07 Chargers which do not fit my car. I noticed the factory...
  7. The 2013 Danko Charger Unveiled !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Danko Reproductions Inc.
    After 4 years of design work and serious progress, we are proud to unveil the 2013 Danko Charger ! If you are interested in this project, please don't forget to do 3 very important things: First, subscribe to this thread, as I have a lot of secret progress pics that I've been hording and I will...
  8. New Custom Danko Taillight Designs ---> NEED FEEDBACK - Please VOTE!

    Danko Reproductions Inc.
    Which of the 2 Old School Charger Taillghts do you like best?? Please Vote in the POLL at the TOP of this thread or your opinion will not be counted! - If you want a set, subscribe to this thread below and get on the pre-order list...
  9. Borla muffler advice

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Hey guys I'm thinking about getting a Borla muffler for my 2010 SXT and wanted to know if the stock muffler is offset/offset or offset/center or center/center so that I can buy the right muffler. I have the Blastin Bobs dual tip 12db kit on now running with the stock muffler and it sounds great...
  10. Stock 17" SXT wheel width info

    Hey guys I'm going to upgrade to 20" satin black Vipers from my stock 17" wheels on my 2010 SXT and I wanted to know what the width is on the stock 17's. I went to get a quote at Discount tire and told the guy I wanted the 20x9 Vipers, but the guys at 213 auto have a killer deal on the 20x5...
  11. Child Safety Lock issue (turns on mysteriously)

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    Hey guys I was hoping someone could help me solve this problem I keep having with my child safety locks. Every couple weeks I will have someone sitting in the backseat of my 2010 Charger and they can't get out because the child safety lock mysteriously switches on by itself. It happens a lot and...
  12. Air Dam install question

    Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    Hey guys I recently purchased a OEM Chin spoiler/Air Dam for my 2010 Charger SXT from RockAuto. It is their various*manufacturer Part CH1090137. It looks great and sturdy except it did not come with any screws or clips to install it onto the front bumper. It has a couple of square shaped holes...
  13. 2010 sxt vs 2010 standard

    General Charger Discussion
    Hi, new here, thanks for any help! I've got the choice to buy a 2010 standard (it isn't listed as an SE, but i'm assuming its an SE?) with 35k miles or a 2010 sxt with 45k miles for the exact same price. Looking through all the details i can't seem to find too many differences (both are 3.5L...
  14. Blastin Bobs with Borla Muffler

    V6 Specific Discussion
    Hey everyone I am going to get the 12db BB system for my 2010 SXT and was wondering if anyone has one with a Borla muffler. I wanted to know how the car sounds with a Borla muffler with the BB kit, as well as any drone that is heard in the cabin at interstate speed Rpm's (2-3000rpm) since most...
  15. AEM 21-8223 for 2010 Dodge Charger R/T?

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    I'm trying to install some minor perf mods on my 2010 R/T, decided to start with an air intake - AEM 21-8223. But I figured out it doesn't compatible with my car. The intake manufacturer says it should be used only on the following vehicles: 2009-2010 DODGE Challenger V8-6.1L 2009-2010...