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  1. WANTED: Wanted stereo and Ipod connector 08

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    I had an 08 stereo with an ipod connector in the glove box. Totaled car and got another 08 SRT8. Has NAV and subwoofer but no Ipod cable. idiots at dealership ordered 4 cables but can't seem to get them hooked up. I looked at the back of my old stereo (saved the stereo but not cables) and do...
  2. Dodge Charger 2008 Reverse Wire Color

    Audio - Alarms - Navigation - Electronics
    Hi all! I'm currently installing a backup camera and after market stereo in a Dodge Charger 2008. I'm having trouble looking for the reverse wire for the backup camera. Anyone know what the color should be? Thanks!
  3. Outside advice is nice

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Hi, i'm Nate and i've been on and off viewing this website, and thought I would give it a shot. I need a few second opinions about my charger due to the fact that she's getting old. I drive a 2008 Dodge charger 5.7 liter Hemi with police package. I'm trying to decide what I could do to improve...
  4. New member from IL, just found a GEM!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all! I got my first Charger just about a year ago now. She was a 2007 R/T, in white. Great car, but she had 122,000 miles and the transmission was a little messy. Loved it, nevertheless! Anywho, a little about me... I'm from Illinois, about 25~ miles out from St. Louis. 30~ from Alton. Live...
  5. Charger 2008 2.7 SE P0123-throttle Position Sensor 1 Circuit High

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    P0123-throttle Position Sensor 1 Circuit High Car just shut off on me and now will not start. Please help as i do not know the location of the Sensor, Ask i replaced the throttle body about 6-8 months ago New alternator,starter,and battery.
  6. The 2013 Danko Charger Unveiled !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Danko Reproductions Inc.
    After 4 years of design work and serious progress, we are proud to unveil the 2013 Danko Charger ! If you are interested in this project, please don't forget to do 3 very important things: First, subscribe to this thread, as I have a lot of secret progress pics that I've been hording and I will...
  7. Need an 08 Charger dash bezel!!!

    Interior Discussion/Modifications
    I have been looking through the web for a dash bezel that'll fit an 08 Dodge Charger with no luck. I think anything between 08-2010 will fit my car. I'm looking for a silver bezel preferably but i'll settle for a black one if I can't find a silver. If you have a bezel you can spare just post...
  8. 2008 Charger will NOT start! PLEASE HELP!!! [SOLVED]

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    Forgive me for being too descriptive or long winded but I wanted to make sure I provided as much information and detail as possible to make the diagnosis much easier. I have a 2008 Dodge Charger SE 2.7L Engine and I’m experiencing TERRIBLE cranking/starting issues and NO ONE seems to be able to...
  9. Brand new 08 Charger Hood (Brilliant Black)

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    I have to sell my 08 Charger Hood. Its brand new and I took it off my car when I bought it, because I replaced it with a SRT-8 hood. The color is the "Brilliant Black" and it's in perfect condition. It has been wrapped and stored over the last year. I'm asking $300 for the hood o.b.o...
  10. FS: 2008 Charger R/T low mileage

    Cars For Sale/Wanted
    Selling my 2008 Charger R/T 5.7l V8 Hemi, with under 20k miles. • Black Pearlescent • Car is in great condition, non-smoker. • Leather with Black Interior. • Black front grille and have the original chrome grille as well. Willing to swap out if need or sell with it(~$100). • Voilant CAI. •...
  11. What to buy with tax check?? CAI and Exhaust question!

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    That time of year is coming around again, so I'm thinking about what to get. Last year I sunk most of my refund into my Tiburon and was extremely pleased with the result. However, the Tiburon is no longer with me, and I've moved on to bigger (literally) and better things! I have a 2008 SE 2.7...
  12. Will these tail lights fit my 2008 SE?

    Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    I have a 2008 SE and I want to change the tail lights. I found the perfect ones on eBay but the listing says they are for a 05-07 charger st or srt8. Will these still fit my car or are my tail lights different?? :rolleyes2:
  13. Remote start options for '08

    Audio - Alarms - Navigation - Electronics
    Winter is approaching and I've had remote start in on my last 3 vehicles. I know there are systems like Viper and Clifford but shops in my area are afraid to touch the new LX's due to the FOBIK keys. I know Dodge makes a remote start kit that comes with 2 new keys (start button on them). Is...
  14. 08 Mygig Video input / output (No Nav)

    Audio - Alarms - Navigation - Electronics
    Does anyone know the wiring for the MyGig? I need the video in and out wiring loccation on the back of the radio. I do Not have navigation. What I want to do is like in my last vehicle, run the video out to the video in (Rear Camera), that way you tell the radio you are looking at a rear camera...
  15. SEMA 2008: Who is going this year?

    General Charger Discussion
    Just curious how many folks out there are planning to go to the SEMA convention in Las Vegas this year? I would be very interested in flying out there and checking it out in-person this year. Any vendors with an extra passes? :D Has there been any info on what kind of surprises to expect this...
  16. PIX/VIDEO: 2008 Mopar Nationals - Ohio

    Regional Events & Meets
    ***Please post all 2008 Mopar Nationals photos, videos and links in this thread*** Easier for all of us to enjoy if they are all in one spot. I'll update the thread with my pics and video this afternoon. :bigthumb: More Pics Link -
  17. PPP takes second in Modern HEMI Class Mopar Nats

    Power Ported Performance
    We ran 2 stock Challengers in the Modern Hemi class and took second due to a red light in the finals. Jeremys final run was: reaction time: -0.14 60ft: 2.141 1/8: 8.896 1/4: 13.679 mph: 105.58 The fastest time with a Stock Challenger was one of ours at: 60ft: 2.042 1/8: 8.606 1/4: 13.303...
  18. newbie

    New Member Introductions
    I am new to this forum. I have owned my Daytona Charger 2007 #801 a year now. LOVE MY CAR! The color is plum crazy. I've seen the 2008 Superbee SRT8 on the net. I just wanted to know how many were made?
  19. 2008 Mopar Nationals - August 8,9,10 - Columbus, Ohio

    Regional Events & Meets
    :wax:***IT'S MOPAR NATIONALS TIME!!!***:wax: Who is going??? Would be very cool if we can all meet up somewhere before heading into the Nationals, then we would be able to park together as well. What: 28th Annual Mopar Nationals When: Friday, August 8, 2008 - Sunday, August 10, 2008 Time...
  20. Shindig "Ohio to Georgia" Caravan Thread

    Great Lakes States
    I have been talking with some of the locals here in Ohio and wanted to see who else in or around Ohio would like to caravan down to the 2008 Southeast Shindig? It looks like its gonna be a great time and I am always up for checking out some great looking rides and meeting some LX owners. If you...