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  1. My 2006 GoMango Charger R/T Daytona

    PS4 Controller I made It has SPL Loudmouth exhaust, CAI, Diablo 93 tune, 180’ thermostat with fans set adequately, MDS disabled, Spyder headlights, LED taillights, Hellcats spoiler and wicker bill, Hellcat rear diffuser, Hellcat wheels,Megan Racing EZ Street 2 Coilovers, Speeddawg shift...
  2. Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Im wondering if anyone has experimented with manifold swaps on the gen 2 engines. i know people sware up and down about either the 6.1 or 6.4 manifold for the gen 3 hemi, but ive not heard anything about the older varients. ive also not seen any options on the market; im assuming the newer...
  3. Charger Problems/Assistance
    I was driving down a main road, completely clear, nice and smooth. In my 2006 Daytona Charger you can feel the gears shift in the V8 and it’s always a great drive... but I gave it a little gas and well...... something odd happened. I felt it go from first to second (automatically), but then...
1-3 of 3 Results