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  1. Gas mileage on 06 RT

    General Charger Discussion
    I was wondering what gas mileage would be normal for my 06RT. This is my 2nd one (First one got totaled a few months back) and it seems like I am getting worse gas mileage. Right now, I am reading about 12.6 MPG but that is with mostly inner city driving. If I take it on the highway, for even a...
  2. 3.5" Dash speakers

    Interior Discussion/Modifications
    My dash speaker went out. Going to replace it, but not sure what ohms setting speaker to get. Any help would be great. have the R/T so I have the 6 speaker amped system. thanks!
  3. 06 charger hood for sale

    Parts For Sale/Wanted
    I am getting a new hood for my car and will be selling my old one. It is in excellent condition, the color of it is bright silver metallic . Let me know if anyone is interested. My email is [email protected] thanks