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General Information

White & Blue
5.7L Hemi Police Pack
My Charger is my first car, I was holding out for a long time because I grew up in a household where Mopar is the best you can get and the Dodge Charger is the King of Muscle cars. This car came from a small town police force in Springhill, Nova Scotia. It was well maintained, the officer assigned to it baby'd it and I even know some people lived in Springhill when they got the new Chargers(and got to ride in it lol but not for criminal a small town everybody knows everyone and makes sure they get home safe). I have reason to believe it was used as a highway vehicle. The police force there was replaced by the RCMP and the police force's assets were auctioned off.

This Charger was bought by a private dealer for himself and after I think a year or so he had to sell it to pay for a new roof on his house. I found it on Kijiji one day in class and it was like love at first sight-I contacted the selling and put all my savings as a downpayment...after a month of running around like a chicken with it's head chopped off I was able to pull some miracles and bought it all with my own hard earned cash....extra hard when nearing the end of your tradeschool course with an A+ average to maintain(I swear I'm more humble than it looks).

Late in september my dad and a couple friends went out an hour away to the NB and NS boarder and I bought it for $6,000 CAD (so like $25.93 american?). Unfortunately no sooner than I got home when people heard I bought myself a Hemi Charger the level of jealousy was boardering that of violence...people adopting the mindset of "why can't I have a Hemi Charger if I cant have it than no one can" SO to avoid my hard earned Hemi being stolen, vandalized, or destroyed,it was put into hiding and still is. Before winter I still took it out though, got some feel for the car's unique quirks, done some test driving, beat a new camero in a dragrace, and even took it to my graduation. At the moment it is in storage at my dad's place where it's safe and soon I'll be putting it up on blocks.
2011 Dodge Charger (White & Blue)


>Custom Hemi Orange Vented Engine Cover - paint & mods by me
>Royal Purple fluids - my wallet said no but my pride said yes
>Custom Console salvaged from wrecked charger and added power ports from the car's previous steel police console - by me
>Amber lights for parade use (windshield pod and custom rear window bar)
>Hash Stripes - SPRAY PAINTED?! by previous owner
>BumbleBee stripe - SPRAY PAINTED?! by previous owner
>Porcupine quilles embedded in rubber diffuser under front fascia - previous owner?
>BumbleBee stripe Mandalorian Skull Emblem - added by me
>Licence Plate holder from a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee - hey, it was free and it doesn't look out of place :D
>Custom fabricated Pushbar - built, painted, and installed by me
>HEMI grill badge - installed by me
>345 HEMI Fender Badges - Installed by me
>Flux Capacitor Cellphone Charger - available on Think Geek
>Tantalizing toggle switches for functions like amber lights and eventual modifications like flamethrowers and push bar lights
>Helicopter landing procedure instructions in glove compartment
>My GF shouting profanities at other drivers
Wheel and Tire
>Restored Chrome centercaps for the police rims, previous owner painted them black because of some scuffing



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