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  1. Torque Convertor Issues, 4th Gear not shifting

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    TCM = transmission control module. AJ is AJ Berg aka hemi tuner. His performance TCM will make your torque converter worth every penny
  2. Help me decide on exhaust system

    Performance Discussion/Modifications (2011 +)
    Corsa. Bite the bullet on the price and never look back. I had MagnaFlow which was nice, no drone and a gentle rumble. Then I went to SLP...bad ass monster sound but the drone was like Mars Attacks head popping. Finally settled or corsa. Well behaved until you get on it. Then it sounds...
  3. CAI dyno results?

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    The idea behind a CAI (misnomer) is to pull more air. The stock airboxes on these cars do a reasonable job of isolating heat. Aftermarket stuff pulls more air, for the most part. Research the vendor and check out the flow. When I put my Maggie on I went through a couple of Cai vendors...
  4. WRT wheel torque spec?

    Wheels/Tires/Brakes/Suspension (2011 +)
    I torque mine to 110 per spec
  5. o2 sensor extensions

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Call jba. The extensions should be for the rear 02 sensors
  6. Brakes keep warping

    I would think that brake pads deposits are way more frequent than Warping. You get that shutter/shimmy feeling when braking from this. I track my boss 302 and work the brakes extremely hard...glowing sometimes and they don't warp. Now if I come off the track after 20 minutes and sit on the...
  7. You Don�t Need A Costly Fuel System For Your Boosted V8

    Forced Induction Discussion
    I had a Magnuson super charger @ 8lbs of boost on my 09 RT and I swapped the fuel pump out with the factory 392 pump and it ran like a champ. Agree depends on hp. I currently have a procharger f1a @ 14lbs on a built inertia motor. To feed this I upgraded to a fore fuel system with...
  8. SRT Driving Experience

    Charger SRT-8 Discussion
    I did mine at fontana back in 2011. It was more of an experience than a school. Really fun, got to drive all the srt cars. When I bought my boss 302 I went to the track attack at miller motor sports in Utah. That was much more of a driving school. Anyhow, make the effort if you can. Fun...
  9. 2016 Road and track Brakes

    Baer brakes are nice and reasonably priced.
  10. New wheels

    Wheels/Tires/Brakes/Suspension (2011 +)
    I thought long and hard about those wheels but went with Boss 338s
  11. Active exhaust in 5.7 RT

    General Charger Discussion
    That's cool they are running the same exhaust. I'm a 2009 guy. Do the RTs still have the log exhaust manifolds? And the 392/srt have the awesome clamshells?
  12. Brake Options

    Charger SRT-8 Discussion
    Baer makes a great big brake kit. 6 pistons and won't break the bank.
  13. There is nothing to MOD!

    Charger SRT-8 Discussion
    Right on dude! Run your car as you see fit. They are awesome off the showroom floor. Some of us run down the rabbit hole chasing tenths of seconds (guilty). Each to his own brother. It's a bad ass platform.
  14. Vibration of Steering Wheel when braking at 50+mph

    Warping is rare unless you track the car, brake hard and then sit on the brakes. More likey you have pad deposits on the rotors. Try going through the brake bedding process. Google it.
  15. 6.4 L can swap into the 5.7

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    5.7 is a solid platform. I had mine stroked to a 370 and forged by stu at inertia. With a procharger f1a @ 14lbs and a few other goodies im at 760 rwhp. Talk to AJ or Josh at HHP about the 6.4 cam swap. It has been underwhelming.
  16. What Sports Car to compliment your Charger?

    I have a boss 302 Laguna seca for the twisties. Great car, but the new mustang 5.0 with the IRS and track pack are probably better....hurts a little to say that
  17. When do coil packs go bad?

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    Try swapping the coil pack on #1 with another cylinder and see if the code follows.
  18. Removing the front seats.

    Interior Discussion/Modifications
    Agree with Steve white or laukemper
  19. Looking for some motor advice.

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Where are you located? Pull the motor and send it to Stu at inertia motor sports if near TX. Arrington if near VA, socal I'd recommend Lonnie Bartley at MPR. OST Midwest, AJ in NY. All solid mopar guys that will do right by you. If you want to do your own work at least give one of them a...
  20. 2009 coolant leak

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    Check your oil - is it milky? Could be a head or head gasket. I would physically check the weep hold on the water pump to be sure. At 175K its long over due. Also check all your coolant/radiator hoses. Could be a crack around a clamp that shows itself under pressure as the temps go up.
1-20 of 194 Results