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  1. 2008 Charger Super Bee Tuner

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    If you order a tuner from DiabloSport (e.g. inTune i3), be aware there's two different models. There's the 50-state compliant and the Platinum-i3. If you live in California the 50-state compliant model is your only option and it does not support CMR software (custom tunes). If you're not in CA...
  2. 2006 dodge charger won't start after adding fuel.

    Charger Chat Lounge
    Dodge Chargers (2006 MY) were known to have a problem with the fuel vapor recovery system following refueling. The fuel system allowed an overfill condition after refueling and it caused the engines to stall. The problem was traced to a multi function control valve fuel shutoff float in the fuel...
  3. Power outlets not working

    Interior Discussion/Modifications (2011 +)
    Cavity #13 and #14 (the large rectangular blocks) are spare unassigned relay locations. .
  4. Does Fiat actually have CEO ???

    General Charger Discussion
    Sergio was always out in the public view and the media (a lot like Lee Iacocca was as CEO of Chrysler). Michael Manley ... not so much. He seems like a lot of the other auto industry CEOs ... mostly behind the scenes and you don't have much visibility to what they're doing .
  5. 2008 Charger Super Bee Tuner

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    Congratulations on the "new to you" Charger. DiabloSport tuners are the de-facto standard. The best tune for the car will be a custom tune. The DiabloSport tuners have pre-installed tunes (aka canned tunes) but they are mild tunes and a custom tune will be much better. I used HemiFever for a...
  6. Hi

    New Member Introductions
    Congratulations on the new Charger. Looks good. .
  7. OBD 2 Port

    Dodge Charger News
    Just a black & red wire sounds like a ground & power connection. If the black wire was plugged into OBD2 port pin #4 or #5, and the red wire was plugged into OBD2 port pin #16, then the device was only using the OBD2 port as a power & ground source. .
  8. No power except starter

    Dodge Charger News
    Probably your best source of help will be with the B-Body forum .
  9. Power outlets not working

    Interior Discussion/Modifications (2011 +)
    There's cartridge fuses and mini fuses. The power outlet fuses are in the trunk fuse box. There's a 20A yellow mini fuse for the Cigar Lighters, Instrument Panel & Power Outlet Console Rear (#12). There's another 20A yellow mini fuse for the Power Outlet Inside Arm Rest (#38). .
  10. Head gasket change, now 4 codes and stalling at startup?

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    I don't have a terminal/pin diagram that is specific to a 06 RT. But be aware that if you plan to probe the PCM harness connectors you need a diagnostic adapter to avoid damaging the PCM terminals. The adapter warnings in the Service Guides vary depending on model year ... probably because the...
  11. 2018 Daytona 5.7 Mods

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    DiabloSport tuners support custom tunes for the 2018 5.7L/6.4L Hemi. You also need to purchase a unlocked PCM. The tuners are not able to reflash a locked factory PCM. You have to pay attention to which tuner you're buying if you plan to install a custom tune. For example, the DiabloSport i3...
  12. Scat Told R/T Daytona Owner He Has A Dull Sounding "5.7 Oudated Truck Motor"

    General Charger Discussion
    Next time a 6.4L Hemi owner wants to downgrade your 5.7L Hemi, just remind them that the 6.4L Hemi engine is just a bored and stroked version of the 5.7L Hemi engine. In 2009 the 5.7L was redesigned/updated as the Eagle engine. The 6.4L Apache engine shares the same architecture as the 5.7L...
  13. Head gasket change, now 4 codes and stalling at startup?

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    It's odd that the only diagnostic code is the IAT sensor code (P0113). The PCM reads the IAT during the Ignition Switch (key On) mode and the Engine Start-up mode, and it's letting the engine start-up. The next mode of operation is the Engine Warm-up mode. This is an Open Loop mode. During...
  14. 13 RT Transmission Problem

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    You can plug a OBD2/CAN scanner into the car's OBD2 port and see if any diagnostic codes are being logged. .
  15. These are the most powerful American muscle cars

    General Charger Discussion
    sshhh ... don't tell the insurance companies, they will increase the rates to where insurance will be prohibitively expensive. .
  16. Engine R&I now won't crank but dash turns off like it's trying to.

    Charger Problems/Assistance (2011 +)
    It has a Park/Neutral position switch and a shift cable. .
  17. 2008 Charger not starting

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    There's several PCM modes of operation. Since your car will not start/run you may want to check the things involved with "Ignition switch ON mode" and "Engine start-up (crank) mode". Ignition Switch (key On) Mode ... This is an Open Loop mode. When the fuel system is activated by the ignition...
  18. Check engine light!

    General Charger Discussion
    I don't know how much of a performance increase ... but the price of gas will certainly be cheaper. .
  19. 06 Rt

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    It's probably the actuator and not the door. The actuators typically make the clicking noise when they fail. Some owners have replaced the actuators themselves. There's several videos on YouTube about it. After the actuator is replaced a Actuator Calibration is needed. The actuator calibration...
  20. 2008 charger rt performance mods

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    There's lots of mods to increase power. It all comes down to what do you want the car to be (e.g. daily driver, street machine, drag racer, pro-touring, etc...) and much money do you have to spend on it. A CAI and high-flow exhaust on a stock 5.7L engine will be restricted by the factory cast...
1-20 of 199 Results