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  1. Rear Windows Question

    General Charger Discussion
    Yup mine too. The funny thing is the wife gave me a gift certificate for Fathers day to tint the back. No window, No tint. FML. **EDIT: Ok after some research on the web I noticed there is SO Many charger owners with the same issue, I chose to try and find some info on the fact why my rear...
  2. question about LED replacements for bulbs

    Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    ^^^Pinky, I was wondering that myself. The LEDs are on, but haven"t tackled the Load Equalizers yet. I might do it this weekend. I'll keep intouch.
  3. The official "Dark Titanium" thread

    General Charger Discussion
    I have not done anything as far as graphix yet. My new badges have Orange skulls.I kinda chose orange & Carbon Fiber as my accents. Not sure where I'm going with that yet? Going to play with Carbon fiber Vinyl, CF pillars, dash parts, maybe CF trunk skin like the R/T (I think that's the R/T) has...
  4. What color is your Charger?

    Dodge Charger Forums Polls
    I have that Gunmetal color.Silver Steel Metallic I think? Mine to was passed on to me, with 21,000 Miles.
  5. DON'T Delete This Thread...... :)

    Charger Chat Lounge
    Do Not Delete this thread.......I feel like I had to be a part!! Looks like I'm on my way. Mods + set up Profile + pics + Super thread = Member J.O' :respect:
  6. Fogs HID install?

    Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    HID fogs. Your fog bulbs are 9145 from the factory, that is also an H1 I believe. There are a handful of H1 HID kits on eBay. There are also a handful of universal fogs. Lots of kits that could be mounted in the stock locations and wired into the lighting system.They also sell them through...
  7. Sequential Turn Signals

    Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    Do you have info on the hard wire version of this? I just did the Non-sequential version of it, but would rather go the way of the sequential version? I'm figuring I need to grab one of the other wires since it is a dual filament(sp?) bulb where the ground rotates. Right now I cut green and...
  8. Interior Map Light (Removal)

    General Charger Discussion
    There is a slot up front that a flat screwdriver fits in. Gently pull down on both the right then left corner so that the plastic clip unsnaps. then unhook the backside of the plastic lens closest to the rear of the car. Next pull down on the silver cover. Now you can pop the Bulb out. I chose...
  9. Put Yourself On The Map

    New Member Introductions
    Re: On the Map. Hey guys. I've been stalking around here for a few days. I got a 2006 SXT soon to be tricked. Looking forward to the build, it's been awhile. Parts are in the mail already, and the cars not even on the road yet. :rocker: Mods= So far just LED interior lights and LED Backup...
1-9 of 9 Results