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  1. No WOT?

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    Car will shut down whenever i go WOT. It sucks the remaining fuel outta the line and dies, i have to pull over, put it in park and prime the fuel pump by cycling the key on and off. I think its the secodary fuel pump but havent had it diagnosed yet. Trying to get advice from you guys first...
  2. body molding removal on go mango?

    Exterior Discussion/Modifications
    You should be ok. After removal, remove all glue the wash, clay bar, polish, and wax. I just demolded mine 2 weeks ago and it cleaned up real good, can't tell they were ever on there.
  3. Will SLP 25% UD Pulley cure false knock

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    I currently have the stock crank pulley and have made some datalogs with my predator. I get ST knock at different times and it usually varies from one run to the next. I was wondering if any of this is false knock and if the SLP 25% Under Drive Pulley would eliminate most if not all of the...
  4. What Is The Best Scratch Removal Product?

    Thats the same method i've seen professionals use to fill in small scratches when the owner of the car couldn't afford to have the whole panel prepped and painted.
  5. New pb 13.08 @ 105.71

    Track Talk
    I have the spartan max sitting in my living room for right now, i want to save up for heads, install, tune, ported intake manifold, and stall torque converter. Its been tight around here and i'll just have to buy one thing at a time until i'm working with something.
  6. What Is The Best Scratch Removal Product?

    Buy yourself a syringe with the needle, buy some color matching paint, Slowly fill in the scratch with the paint. All you'll have to do is put the needle point in the scratch at the same direction as the scratch, push syringe slowly while dragging the needle down the scratch.
  7. Just some hideous 2010 Camaro villains!!!

    Would you believe a stock 08 charger srt8 would run a 13.13 1/4 mile with a predator and 93 tune? I didn't believe that either til i seen it last sunday at the track. Fastest i've made so far is 13.08.
  8. Just some hideous 2010 Camaro villains!!!

    Thats the mods i have, the method i used and thats what the evic said. Not trying to argue with anyone, hard for me to believe myself but Thats what happened.
  9. Just some hideous 2010 Camaro villains!!!

    Have no idea. I turned traction control off, stomped it and it didn't spin at all and it took off like a bat outta hell. I done it with traction control on and it was 5 seconds but when is stomped it the computer shut me down. I haven't tried it again but i will i you'd like. I'm just glad i...
  10. Just some hideous 2010 Camaro villains!!!

    I much rather the Chally myself. Hopefully they don't rev it up like that anywhere aroud me, I'll imbarass them. Bring it on camaro
  11. Is your Charger a daily driver?

    General Charger Discussion
    Daily driver here too. Its 2 and 1/2 years old and has 72,500 miles on it. Mostly because its my family car and don't have another ride. I worked offshore, so i drove for at least 3 hrs to work and my wife drove back home and returned 2 weeks later to pick me up.
  12. Does the lag return with a CMR tune?

    Performance Discussion/Modifications
    I've tried all of that myself but nothing seems to get rid of the lag. I mean when it shifts into gear it lags so much that you literally have to make it go back into the gear it just came out of and make it shift again.
  13. Almost got rid of my charger for 2009 Dodge Ram Sport.

    I belive the Sport is a base line model with minimal packaging. Not sure but you may wanna check on that, cause soon enough all dodges will be cheaper. Might be able to buy the Laramie for close to the same price at a dealership that's going outta dodge business.
  14. Ignition and spark plugs

    Charger SRT-8 Discussion
    As far as plugs go i went with the E3's, i like them but everyone has there own opinion on them. MSD makes Coil Packs for the SRT8 but have been told not to waste my money on them. What other mods have you done?

    Pedders USA
    How much for this package on a SRT8, parts and labor?
  16. The trouble with tribbles

    Charger Problems/Assistance
    Glad its running like is supposed to now. Maybe one day they'll insulate all wires with rat poison. I've seen where rats have eaten through too many wires in houses, cars, and just destroy everything
  17. Made it a track day/night

    Track Talk
    Just bumping to allow more people to view so i may get an answer. Thanks in advance.
  18. Look what happens when you clay bar your car!

    Scratch X will help a little bit. I haven't found anything that'll completely fix a scratch.
  19. Look what happens when you clay bar your car!

    Looks great, i really believe in the clay bar. I clayed mine then followed it up with polish and then wax. You can't even sit anything on the car anymore it'll just slide off its so smooth. I bet it looks better now than when you bought it.
  20. Made it a track day/night

    Track Talk
    Last time at the track i recorded my best time so far which was a 13.08. Since the last time i went to the track it has gotten hotter and i have changed a few things. I added high flow cats, better tires, fuel additive, oil, and coolant. The only thing i can figure is i need to adjust for high...
1-20 of 163 Results