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  • Dreadnought ·
    Yup, I'm staying in Raytown now. PM me your number and I'll text you what I've found so far. Apparently your number was one of many that wasn't sync'd so I lost it when I lost my old phone lol. I have a local number now so don't bother with the old one.
    Dreadnought ·
    Hey bro, still got a spot for me in the group? lol I'm picking up a new ride pretty soon, I'm planning on getting active again. I'll shoot you a text with my new number in a bit.
    Hey sorry man I hardly ever get on here so I'm just getting your message. If I ever get some free time I'd be interested in checking out one of the get togethers.
    Beetle58 ·
    You've been real helpful with my headlight issues. I posted some new stuff in the thread

    I was wondering if you could take a look and tell me what ya think. Id like to make a purchase in the morning when I get off work. Although Im kinda floating between the 8k and 6k bulbs, I really like the look of the 8k but my Charger is red.

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