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  • Phanta5m ·
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    08Black3.5SE+ ·
    what post are you talkin about??

    people on here are starting to drive me nuts, I'm not a pro, but some of these people Thats all I can say without getting infraction points.
    sector 2 ·
    Thanx man....I just ordered my Pedder's LX Street II w/ sway bars....I got lucky...10% off the entire already discounted package, they are throwing in sways, free shipping to the middle of the ocean...and as if that isn't enough..and by golly, and dontcha think it should be....a hell of a deal on the install, cool......should go down, mid - late Jan. I just gotta get some of these lame-os down here on board and it gets even sweeter....thanx again, Wicked
    sector 2 ·
    Thanx Wicked...I am going w/ the 3.06 - getrag as it is oem for the Challenger SRT, and I believe the same set up is offered on 2010 Chargers as a "Track Pack" I can get it for 1300.00. As far as heads and cam...I am leaning towards a more aggressive drop in cam that needs only tuning, and ported heads...I already have headers. I obviously can't go too aggressive on the cam as I would need the TC. Do you have any
    knowledge / experience of rockers? Thanx.
    sector 2 ·
    I was going to PM, but it would not take as your in box was full...Any ways, My Pedder's Track II will be installed in January, and I have a Getrag w/ 3.06 gears waiting to be put in. Is this a difficult install, do you know. I am sure it is not a simple plug change, but I am willing to try it. Does it take two guys and is the 3.06 gears the better choice, as I don't want to go to steep. I get lost in the math, even though I have read the threads.

    One more thing. In the summer, I plan to go cam/heads. I don't think I will be able to pull off a stage three, but I think maybe the HHP stage II, or a good drop in cam w/ ported heads, and rockers (I think they just came out?) and under drive pulley for good measure. I plan to drive this car (a working patrol car that I own) for 10 more years and am concerned about longevity...what do you think..Am I going the right route here...after the rear end...then heads and cam?
    sector 2 ·
    .I may send you a PM regarding a cam / heads / under drive pulley install I have plans for the late spring, early summer.....let me know if that is cool.
    Angie913 ·
    :wave: I still think black and gold is better.................hehehe....ok I'll stop now......maybe..........maybe not.... :wiggle:
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