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  1. My exterior LED lights

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    Isn't it illegal to have different colour for the turn signal ? or to have it going back and forth ?
  2. Women are never satisfied!!!

    I would do the same, putting up the lights for 1 month ain't worth it. then if you leave them on and only use them when the holidays come around you know there will be a few burnt out ones.:rolleyes2:
  3. Got A New Ride.

    Very nice congrats on the SRT :clap::beerchug:
  4. Got A New Ride.

    Hey thanks man, by the way what happened to your fibber glass hood ? You get it fixed for a good price ?
  5. Got A New Ride.

    It's been ages since I posted anything but about 2 weeks ago but I got a new ride. A '09 Mercedes ML Bluetec, also still have the charger, but it is a company car. Here is 2 pic so far i'll try and get more...
  6. Anti-freeze...and the audi ?

    never mind I got my answers...this thread can be closed down.
  7. Anti-freeze...and the audi ?

    Hey everyone it has been sometime since i've I was on here. Hows everyone doing ? Anyway About a year ago my folks bought an audi Q7 since ride, comfy, blah, blah blah. Yesterday morning When I got in turned it on the check anti-coolant light came, I checked it out saw it was low filled it up...
  8. Wiped out.

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    That sucks, I remember when I had my rims in the summer time and one day it would just outta nowhere it would rain heavy, i would be driving then I would feel the back swing out :shocked:. Low profile and rain don't mix, low profile + plus rain + a charger or any car thats a 4 door, 2 door...
  9. Dodge to drop Crosshair Style Grills

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    I think it would look great without the grill look like an audi, big wide mouth :beer_yum::bigthumb:
  10. Am I still getting a ticket ?

    I dunno, I thought it was maybe a new thing they got going on, send me a ticket later. :P First time i got pulled for speeding lol. Thanks for the posts guys, and clearing things up. Hey, yes I still live in CR we have one body shop i'll stop by and see if the guy can do it i'll also see if...
  11. Am I still getting a ticket ?

    Hey everyone. So this morning heading back from work I was driving through a town that I don't know to well, it's got a good straight stretch and the speeds change, also it's know as a crap hole town lol. So driving a long, not paying attention and of course the cop clocks me doing 77km in a...
  12. gran turismo 5 the good and the bad

    Thats the one thing I like about the game is the top gear track (can't wait for the new season, wonder what colour the new sig will be:D) Also the commercial with that kevin butler guy is funny. Also forza is kinda lame. I bought the other one, I couldn't believe how long it toke to load and...
  13. My new winter gadget...

    My dad got a snowblower a bout 2yrs ago after the one bad winter that we had the last few winters weren't so bad and weren't needed lol. But it did come in handy earlier this week. There great beats crappy old shovelling. :beerchug:
  14. Not every Charger owner is pleasant.

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    Should have told him to take a few more looks at a hemi that he would never be able to afford. wow what a little b----. How old did this princess look like ? Should have got up with him and soon as he picks up speed you do the same and just smoke him.
  15. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

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    Now that i'm more into the game there are a few more problems that are annoying me. 1. It seems like some of the cars are impossible to catch up even if you'r driving is perfect. 2. Some of the cars that you'r trying to crash can't cause at one point they are supposed to do something...