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  • Rahimsrt8 ·
    I have a 2012 R/T Charger, and I'm considering putting the Sniper hood by Carbon by Design on It. You've done business with them, and you would recommend this company? Are you familiar with that particular hood? If you would please hit me back and let me know. Thank you!
    DangDaytona ·
    Gotta watch out for those crazy Ohio boys. I'm one of them! I'm from Hamilton, right out of Oxford. Now I'm stationed in WA. Love the car!!!
    BrianG ·
    Well the paint didnt stick to the hoses so im going to buy some new black ones :(
    Ill send pics if i get them but right now im looking for a Jeep commander or something for winter so i can store my car for winter, if i get it done ill send pics, hope you can make it in 2 weeks.
    BrianG ·
    Cant wait to get the can installed, everything is getting painted ill send some pics. You should come out to our meet in October if you can roll over there are a few Ohio people coming will be a great time.
    1badcharger ·
    I love them, the quality is outstanding, This is my third set of wheels and these will be my last, these really bring the car out, mine are a 1-off custom made wheel. they where designed to match the stripe on the rear of the car and they done one hell of a job doing it. When it take close to 4 months to get them you know you're getting a good product! And thanks for the heads up on the web site.
    turbobuckeye ·

    10359 W. South Range Road, Salem, OH 44460
    (330) 332-5335

    2005-newer Dodge Magnum, Chrysler 300/300C, Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger

    Special Guests:
    All Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, All Dodge Ram SRT10,
    All Dodge Viper, All Chrysler Crossfire SRT6, All Plymouth Prowler,
    All Dodge (Neon) SRT4, All Dodge (Caliber) SRT4
    Mecha ·
    post the full 3 page letter and the many PMs in the vendor section of the forum for everyone to see the BS
    Mecha ·
    Pedders is so full of themselves its a joke. I wont ever buy or send anyone to buy their stuff. F them
    metgo ·
    What is funny is the fact that Pete requested a full refund for some unrelated b.s. reason and yet he laughed at the idea of giving me some sort of compensation for Pedders royally screwing up on my car and taking 11 days to do it. Pete, you really are one of a kind.
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