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  • PlumCrazy1008 ·
    I have a '73 Satellite and an '80 Volare - I want to get them back on the road but other things keep coming up. They were fun to drive (when I was driving them regularly).

    Sorry your vacations almost done. A week from tomorrow we're leaving for Punta Cana... kind of a vacation of a lifetime deal (I'm more into Porchville myself but my wife wants to swim in blue water and when the wife's happy, everyone's happy).

    I've got GREEN WITH ENVY FEVER right now... not very good...
    PlumCrazy1008 ·
    Hey TB107: Nope - still sporting brilliant black. Just haven't gotten around to it yet. I think that may be in the future, but I have to get my "classics" on the road first.

    Not much else more going on. Just finally settled into this new house Todd helped us find/purchase and enjoying life.

    How about you? Anything new your way???
    DemonSpeed ·
    I'll definitely say 'hi' to her when we talk this weekend. I'm sure she'll pop in and message you.

    Yeah, she's a lot of fun. We've taken two vacations together and are long overdue for another one. LOL We always have a blast. Jr calls her 'Auntie Heidi'. :)

    LOL Yeah, seems a lot of the old crew is posting lately. It's always good to see old friends and catch up.
    DemonSpeed ·
    LOL It's really good to see old friends. I miss so many on the forum from way back, but people change cars and move on. Yeah, Heidi called me the other day. She's doing great and just got back from a vacation. We'll be flying out soon to Miami to visit her for a week. :D
    Tribal Princess ·
    Great River Road Cruise. I posted some information in the section from last year ... We are meeting on Oct 24th at the Chain of Rocks Bridge rest area at 10am.. leaving at about 10:15 or so .... I also have reserved a pavilion at the Park for us to BBQ and hang out at... Spread the word that its on!!!! If you have any questions just leave me a PM.. and I will get back with you.
    sector 2 ·
    Top Banana, Sorry I missed your message....I just sent you a PM, asking redundant questions....Sorry. Yes, I am running ACES. I get 89 oct from work, I have no choice but to use that gas, since they provide free insurance, free gas, registration, and give 600.00 / mo vehicle allowance. I have to find out who is supplying the gas for Aloha Gas here in Hawaii.....I too see only about 3* ST knock, but see the LT knock, 3-4 in the 24k -38k range.....I am not so good at my data logging, and am trying to get better.....Aloha, Andy
    TopBanana107 ·
    beam, I did not tweak the canned tune at all in terms of spark or fuel. Are you running ACES too? What octane are you running? Yes, LT knock is it limited to a certain rpm range? Is it consistent? How much LT?

    I'm seeing less than 3* ST knock and I have never seen LT knock...never.

    You may have some really bad gas... (in your car, not personally!!!)
    sector 2 ·
    Hey TB 107, I see you are running ACES IV w/ 93tune on the Predator............i am getting a bunh of LT knk when I data log...could be bad gas....did you have to tweak the tune? if so, what, and do you see any knock at all?....aloha.....
    TopBanana107 ·
    I tried taking it off with my nail first...I raised a few places then I placed Turtle Wax's Bug and tar remover on it. I was able to soften enough of those raised places to grasp it and then pull it off. It came off in a few pieces...but the temp outside was 57*...not the ideal time to do it!!! After that, I washed, clayed, polished, and waxed it!
    TopBanana107 ·
    Go aFe...much better than K&N. Have you checked the price out on that? Wait, you have a V6...does aFe sell one for that, I don't remember. You might want to check it out, if it's anything like the one for the V8.
    JackassJesse ·
    Toppy!! Where are you man? These threads aren't fun without you. I wont be getting an SRT8 anytime soon. I fail and suck at life. But I am going to get a CAI... It's a toss up between the Mopar one for 253 and the K&N for 330... I think the K&N is better but 80 bucks better?....
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