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  • Mr. S ·
    Saw a post where u had info on the emblem vinyl stickers. Was wanting to change my emblems to hemi orange.
    DtownTopBananaDaytona3023 ·
    Hey Sublime,
    I have a TopBanana Daytona; I see you went from 22's to 24's. I was conteplating between 20's and 22's staggered because of performance and handling (suspension). How did your daytona hold up in those areas (performance, suspension) with the 22's. I see pretty good with you going to 24's
    sector 2 ·
    Hey Sublime...Noticed you had on the MGP caliper covers...Wonder how you like them over all. What type of pads are you using? I have the Hawk HPS, but it is time to change and trying to get some ideas. I am planning to order the pads and covers @ the same time and knock it out one time....Thanks for the help....Andy
    Mr.Brooks&Angelina ·
    No problem it's why I was asking about Spectre was thinking maybe it could work for a an SXT. Anyways good to meetcha Chris, take it easy & hope to catch you at a meet sometime.
    Mr.Brooks&Angelina ·
    Hey how's it goin Sublime, I was checking out the Frankintake IV write up over on LX & was wondering if it'd work on an SXT? Some time ago I was told that a frankintake wouldn't work on one so I didn't bother, by the way I'm Brooks, you go to meets in the area often? Orlando's a lot bigger than I initially expected moving up here
    Whats up bro, I just got my rear konis in yesterday and I'm about to install them right now. I was wondering when you did yours did you trim the factory bump stops? I know you have to re use the stock shaft cover thing with the bump stop I was wondering if the bump stop needed trimming or if its perfectly fine using as is.....

    Hey whats up bro, I just got ordered some konis to match my eibachs. I was wondering how they are? are they stiff like the ride of an SRT....?

    Thanks bro
    Ladybreeanna ·
    Thanks :) I hope everything is ok with you! I havent been up to a lot of car stuff with all the stupid flxc drama..... & when I do its with just a small of us that are friends.
    slydog75 ·
    Hey i was wondering if you had some pics uploaded of your Sublime online. also, how much did you get it lowered? Looks really sharp!
    805Charger ·
    I didn't even think of that .. Powdercoat with the lime stripe sounds better to me actually.. I'm thinking if doin the same to my lips(no stripe though)..
    805Charger ·
    Dude your car is awesome! Have u thought about painting those lips sublime 2 match? I personally like both looks! The way it is now/matching lip..
    Hey wassup man...I have a question

    I have a silver se and wanted to put a set of hid's on her but whats the difference between 8000k and 10000k? I've heard you have a set of 10000K in your headlights...Ive read they are true blue and some say they are purpleish color...I wanna go with that bright blue but dont want to seem like a sore thumb on the road and have cops harrassing me...What do you think 8 or 10?
    Schimbo Mango ·
    so my mom calls me just now and says.... im next to a green daytona. do u kno any one with a green one .. i asked if it had a black hood she said yes... it was you lol
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