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  • Wyoo ·
    nice looking car like the mods you did about the same I did with mine, I also add matt black stripe to lower rocker panel , tryed adding black to roof but didnt work out, might try agin with help
    KevinWP ·
    Hey Stevens,

    Saw somewhere you have the AWD RT. Do you know how it compares to the RWD? I'm in Utah and am tempted to get AWD, but I don't know how these cars do with that type of system. Are they slower? More prone to breaking? Any help would be appreciated!
    Stevens12 ·
    No I didn't do that yet. I'm looking at either Flowmaster 40-series or Magnaflow muffler swap. I did an SLP Loud mouth 2 cat back and HATED it, so I put it back to stock for now.
    ezra james ·
    I noticed a while back you were looking at doing a muffler delete and leave the resonators. Did you ever go that route ? I have a 2011 road and track and I am looking for a little more agressive sound on a budget.
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