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  • maans88 ·
    sorry to hear that, if my car was gonna get totalled i'd get another charger with no hesitation.

    alright let's see. halo's from flashtech.
    everything else, you gotta go through this thread.

    as for the OEM ballasts and bulbs, there's a guy in that thread selling them, shoot him a PM and he'll hook you up.

    don't go with after market ebay ballasts, had that set up and the OEM totally blows that ebay stuff away.

    let me know if you need anything else.
    maans88 ·
    halos + projects + oem HIDs + oem plugs = 170 + 240 + 120 + 40 = 570$.

    not too bad, I really like the setup. the halos are always head turners and the projectors are amazing at night. thanks :)
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