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  • popsjenkins ·
    Sorry about the link, not sure why it didnt work. You can copy and paste this into your browser -

    Also, this wed, there will be a meet at independence plaza in Selden NY (you can google map independence plaza, Selden NY). A few LX guys always show up, but there are classic cars also. The guy who throws it owns a nice "general lee" charger.

    Finally, I'm not sure if you saw it but, we're trying to get a meet together on Sept 19th at Hooters in East Meadow. There's a thread on here and LXforum - the link is here

    Hopefully you can make it to one or both.
    If you ever have any questions I can be reached at [email protected]
    InvictuSRT8 ·
    hey, for a new thread click the word "Forums" on the left side in the red toolbar up top. Once you're in that page you'll get a list of all of the different forum sections. Just click the one that applies to what you're posting and when inside that page just click the gray rectangular button that says "New Thread" with a paper and pencil on it. The button is on the left side towards the top of the page (below the advertisement banner but above the thread titles you'll see listed)
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