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  • FLEX ·
    How's it going Trey?

    Lisa and I are not on facebook.

    But we may be in Indiana weekend of May 21st visiting Brian and Julz. I'll let you knwo for sure!

    drspennetta ·
    RedHot: Do you have the Danko chin spoiler or a daytona chin spoiler? If it is the Danko can you send a pic? Trying to decide if I want to go black or match the inferno.
    jtfinklea ·
    RedHot RT

    Thanks for the info, I wonder if you can re-install the two mufflers should you decide to return the Magnaflow back to original or did you cut them off flush to the muffler.
    I heard the sound with the 4" tips. I'm doing a Spartan cam install this coming weekend and have been told that the cam will make for some better more aggressive sound. Will wait to see if that's the case. If not I will modify my Magnaflow setup or replace it with a JBA system as I have JBA Shorties and catless mid pipes. Are you running catless and headers?
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