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  • PlumCrazyDaytona ·

    Its not bad you have to reach some bolts from the top. Easy way to do this is to loosen up the passenger motor mount and lift the engine a little
    PlumCrazyDaytona ·
    I would say with a certainty of 95% that you saw me! only two other plums in the area and they arent out very often and are 100% stock, so if you saw tinted windows and heard loud pipes that was me.
    HizoR/T ·
    Hey Dave, I was on detail in Minot, ND in august of 2011 to help FEMA with the flooding there. While "patrolling" but mostly site seeing, I could've sworn I had seen you driving around near Fargo.
    06MangoDaytona ·
    Hey Plum quick question I'm finally getting around to order those brake caliper adapters the part # you gave me was missing one # lol no biggie..... When you ordered yours did you order new bushings for the caliper bc I'm sure the new ones wont have them right ?
    thanks for the tip ill ask stu right now about that cam i just cant wait to see what i get out of all the mods in total horse and torq.
    PlumCrazyDaytona ·
    It is the 0-60 timer in the extended menu. If you have EVIc you can get there by pressing both inner bottom buttons on the sterring wheel. EVIC can be installed but it is very expensive and lots of work
    cleric9181 ·
    Ok i got a stupid question for ya. What type of dial is that on your avatar? Is that the EVIC? I dont know much at all about it. I have an SXT and that didn't come standard. Is that somethign that I can install?
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