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  • TopBanana107 ·
    Ken, Hope your vacay was awesome and was not disturbed by any storms...I haven't really kept track of weather systems.

    Hopefully, you can put those babies back on the road to enjoy them again as much as you used to!

    I don't mind staying home for vacations but my wife loves hot, Southern destinations as well. Yup, when she is happy, everyone's happy. Funny how that is eh? LOL

    Why the green with envy fever??? Hahahahaha
    TopBanana107 ·
    So what classics are we talkin' about?

    Congrats on the house. Life is meant to be enjoyed...La Dolce Vita.

    Nothing new here...just finishing my vacation in Wildwood New Jersey...leaving tomorrow morning. :( I do plan on purchasing another Dodge...just unsure which one. May take a leap into the stupid and purchase a Yellow Fever SRT10 Ram! Won't be for at least another year life and enjoying it right now!
    thanks bro....
    Also hes a full pitbull the mom was a blue nose and the dad looked just like him a brendal....
    the picture looks a lil diff from what he really looks like....
    DemonSpeed ·
    Yeah, I hear that totally. That's the primary reason for the move. The winters in WI have just become harsher with each passing year over the past 3 years. I'm just sick of it. Plus, my daughter really suffers through 6 months of miserable weather being sick. Her docs told me 4 years ago to move down south. I should have listened sooner. :rolleyes:

    Also, if I ever feel inclined for cooler weather, I can always take a short vacation or a weekend to travel somewhere cooler. I doubt I'd leave TX anytime in the near future. :D
    DemonSpeed ·
    :woot: Right on! Yeah, I was born on the east coast (NJ) and visited (PA). I lived on the west coast (San Diego) and I'm sick of living north. South was my only option. :D Took a lot of whittling down, but I finally got it.

    I've been planning on Texas since early fall of 2007. I knew some people who lived there, primarily the Dallas area, so that's where I'm headed. Can't wait! WI just sucks. LOL
    DemonSpeed ·
    No, hon......not yet. Still working on it, though. Taking care of priority bills first, moving down to Texas second, then on to my Charger. :bigthumb:
    DemonSpeed ·
    Hi Ken. :wave:

    LOL Glad you figured out the visitor message thing. It's a little tricky because you have to click on 'View Conversation' once someone posts a message to respond to their message, otherwise it just goes on your page and they never see it. I did that a couple of times myself, before getting the hang of it. :D
    ChargerChick ·
    I know! Sorry I didn't add you sooner! I forget about this friends thing.

    I'm not sure what I'll be doing for the LX Nats. I think I'll be flying to Chicago and driving in with that caravan but I haven't made any plans as of yet. Thank you so much for the offer Ken!
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