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  • DecepticonLockdown ·
    Hi, sorry for this taking so long to get back to this message, I do like the cutouts, I did run into a problem at one point with one of them not opening and closing properly from the get and then it broke. But the company I got them from took it back and sent me a brand me one without a problem and I haven't had a problem every since. I do like the sound of them, sometimes it gets a little loud and rattles things I have in the cup holders and center console. I got the QTP low profiles from Summit Racing. Great company. Good luck!!!!
    DTECH ·
    i was side swipped a few years back and had to replace the door skin and fix some dents along the rear...while doing this just decided to weld a plate to fill the door then cut the hole for the round gas cap..welded in some mounting brackets and had to notch down the filler tube. then repainted the whole driverside of the car...if i were to do it again i would find a wrecked challanger and cut out about 6inches around the gas cap and use it to patch the square hole...
    ***Q2*** ·
    Thanks, Gus. Actually they are painted on the car. It was a design that my painter & I created. I'm glad you like it! The tails were also done at my painters. Again, it was something we drew out, and it just worked out!
    DaBlackPearl ·
    Hey Gus,
    I actually got mine from the dealer...I made them add it to the deal. But to purchase it from them and getting it painted/installed would be like $1700

    Gotanks0407 ·
    the v10 swap you talking about? i havent attempted it, i just bought another charger with a v8 as my toy, after a few more mods on the v8 i might try to get the v10 in that car...i just hasnt happened yet man.
    ChargerChick ·
    Thank you! My hood was made by TommyZ and is fiberglass...very heavy! I don't know what the VFN hood is made from but it's a great looking hood as well!
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