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  • Part Deux ·
    Don't know, maybe a better question for one of the admins. Personally, I don't like active topics, much prefer the new posts button, as it covers all the forums. Some forums are not included in active... but don't know if Adams is included or not.
    Oh, I see I think I'm going to leave it like that and see how it works.....

    I got some car wash and their jumbo wash pad and some interior cleaner along with detail spray....
    Hey whats up bro,I just got my goodies from adams. I have a question I noticed the straw part on the sprayer is too long to fit in the 16oz bottles , do I cut it down or put it on like that so that it bends, what did you do?
    Hey whats up bro, I noticed that you made a post stating that you engine break and that saves the breaks or somewhat. How is it that you do it? I think I got it down but I'm not sure....
    [email protected] ·
    If you still have wheels and are willing to take 600 give me a call. I live in Dearborn Hts. MI. and can come out and get them tomorrow or Wednesday. 734 740 7227. Thanks, Rob
    1FST4DR ·
    Actually we cut a badge for you but it came out like crap.So we are going to re do it.
    The Shifter is at anodize.What radio and a/c set up do you have??Nav and duel zone?
    Phanta5m ·
    hell yeah... i have an iphone too... thanx and i will mail it tomorrow... does it matter if i mail ups or usps...
    Phanta5m ·
    i'll check it out... your trunk blackout.... yeah, my wife doesn't normally watch any of those movies with me... only some:D
    Daytona606 ·
    How often do you get to infineon - do you go for wednesday nights? I live about 10 miles from there. I have yet to go though - i just got my daytona a couple months ago. whats the crowd like?
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