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  • Jimmy Jimenez ·
    hey do you know the part number of the 2011 charger fender liner you took out? I can not find it for the life of me and cant only find other one that say its it not its not
    IndyAWD13 ·
    Hi Mo...fairly new member here. I've got a Redline 2013 RT AWD. I've been looking for a couple of fender badges (not into upbadging personally...not my thing) similar to what the SRT's have on the fenders. They say 392 in red letters over the hemi and they're kind of a slanted logo. I'm looking for a set in the same script but that say 345. I've seen similar but never the same script or size. Is this something you might be able to hook me up with? I know there's a number of other people who'd be interested as well. Please let me know.

    Dan Jenn
    moxieboy ·
    Hey Mo...

    I sent you an email the other day as well, but didn't know if I sent it to the right contact. I know your extremely busy as always but you do tend to check your PM's regularly and figured this would be the best way to reach you. I am about to install my standard danko chin spoiler and I am missing a gasket. I would love to purchase a gasket from you and can pay with pay-pal if that works. I have a 06 R/T Charger. Just let me know the costs and I will get a payment out to you ASAP. Thanks again for such awesome products.

    [email protected]
    ortega94 ·
    Would you happen to know a good vendor for hoods with reasonable prices? its a shame you guys don't make any
    sector 2 ·
    Mo...I got the screen inserts today. Thanks for the response. I will post some photos when everything is good to go......Andy
    sector 2 ·
    Hey, Mo....I am the guy in Hawaii who did not get the inserts for Charger rear diffuser. I called a couple times, and sent two e-mails. Any chance of getting those inserts. I havent put on diffuser as I am waiting for them. I have had diffuser since Feb.thanks.
    pleaase give me a call @ (808) 386-2326....Andy
    Backwoods ·
    Hi there! Been absent from the forums for almost a year, came back to see if there was any progress on the Danko retro front clip? Did this project get canceled?
    mgoodyear ·
    Hey Mo, I ordered a chin spoiler from you last week, just wondering if I will get a tracking number and email confirmation when it is shipped?

    What am I looking at for wait time?
    billg1 ·
    Hi Mo, (?)
    I think you asked me to pm you and you could give me the price on a shaker hood. I checked out the tech specs on rainwater diversion, and am now very interested in this. If you need a GB to get this goin, i can wait for fall/winter to click "buy"- unless you can proceed?
    MzGudz ·
    Hi Mo, Could you ship my order to; First Avenue Collision, 224 First Ave, Red Lion, Pa 17356... Contact is Dennis, is #717-417-6559. Can't wait for my order!! Thanks, Christine Gudzelak
    Dychotomy ·
    Hi Mo, I bought a set of your front fenders which may get installed on my silver SRT next week. But I am very curious how much the back "hips" would be to complete my look.

    dgrosa76 ·
    I'm interested in purchasing your deep dish grill with black honeycomb insert for a 2006 Dodge Charge R/T. I know your price on Ebay was $269, but does that include the insert too? How much protection does it give the engine to the outside elements? How difficult is it to sand and paint, as well as install (timeline)? How quickly can it be shipped upon purchase? Thanks for the info!
    Texas Crew'd ·
    Hey Mo, I spoke with the auto shop today and they are waiting on a fax so you can process the credit card regarding the enclosed shaker system for my 2007 charger rt . Thank you, Garry Barney 915-526-4711
    Texas Crew'd ·
    Hey Mo they should have ordered the shaker today if there are any problems or questions please give me a call thanks again Garry 915-526-4711
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