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  • FuZzDaMoNsTa ·
    Sounds good man. I have bullet series halos for fogs but still need to buy 3 rings for headlights and need to get replacement foglight and also need new HIDS. HIDGATE ones are driving me crazy and it will be 3rd time sending them off. Just going to buy whole new kits. Who do you buy them from?
    modesto83 ·
    I can do your halo's and i had the same problem with one of my fog lights so I bought replacement oneon ebay for like 35 bucks shipped. just installed it last night along with a new hid kit. im off on the weekends and could help you but I live 45 min south of tampa in bradenton now
    FuZzDaMoNsTa ·
    Oh ok cool cool. Moved down around 3 weeks ago. Nice man how do u get into a car club like that? Also im needing the hook up to install some flashtech led halos and maybe someone that sells foglights. One of mine keeps getting water inside and blew my HID bulb.
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