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  • EazyEric ·
    Hey I just wanted to update you on my conclusion for the sunroof rubber accordion guards I had to rip out the bottom of the old ones from the slot they were supposed to go in I guess they split in half top connected bottom stuck in the slot so ripped the piece out and pushed the bottom of the new ones right in. As far as the rear ac vents ill just pass for now its not really a big deal maybe get a professional to do it.

    Can I get your opinion on one more thing While I was tightening the dash speakers with a drill bit and wrench around it the darn drill bit shot out somewhere In the dash i believe just knowing its in will drive me nuts any suggestions?
    KingSparticus300 ·
    Whats up Neighbor, how have you been?! I have a question that if anybody would know this Answer it would have to be you, Mnunes: i am about to Order JBA High Flow Cats and Mid Pipes, but wanted to make sure this will be ok here in Orange County, California?? really want this Mod being i heard nothing but good things. what ur take on this? will i be ok and PASS SMOG??!
    KingSparticus300 ·
    I wish we had a Performance shop in this part town that we could just walk in and purchase things like a BT Catch Can. that would be cool...
    KingSparticus300 ·
    Can i go to Auto Zone and Pick Up a regular 180 T-Stat and will it work the same as say a 180 Jet T-stat? I want to do it myself to avoid x-tra costs in labor. is it easy to change my Thermostat? Or should i just order it on-line with my oil catch can? I haven't found anyone local who really knows our cars and is reasonable in price. would love to eventually get some headers as well...
    KingSparticus300 ·
    No, I have not...if I can make it, I will be there July 1rst and check it out. Didn't know I had a Charger Clan so close to home. I work in HB as well so i know the place.
    KingSparticus300 ·
    THANK YOU SO MUCH, BRO...I Consider Myself Lucky. We are Neighbors. I am right next to you in Costa Mesa! Yes, I agree...I appreciate you being apart of this community as well!!
    KStryker ·
    Well thanks for everything that you do!! Just so you know, I appreciate you being apart of this community!!
    KStryker ·
    This may be out of the blue and random...but you are one reason why I stick around here. There are a couple of people on this forum that piss me off sooo damn bad, I hate coming back here for fear of what I might post...anyway, Thanks!! I still ask myself, why aren't you a mod!!!
    eggsandbacon ·
    sorry for the delay. i had the car flashed and was told that itll turn the limp mode off, which it did. i then drove it for about 35 miles or more and went to the deli for a minute and came back to limp mode problems. i was a block away from home so i parked it and its been for about 5 days limping with P 0520, which is a new code... i reflashed it to get it out of limp mode and got a new code...
    cliffm10 ·
    I was hoping you could confirm which stock rims you are using with the gorilla replacement lugs and confirm no damage or loosening. I just had my winter tires and I purchased a set made by American Racing 14mm X 1.5 X 60°, identical to those gorilla's. My mechanic said he didn't think they would fit or may cause damage. Before I go against him, can you confirm these are your rims and no damage by removing a couple and inspecting? Id really appreciate it man.

    Here's a link to my stock Road and Track 18 rims, blacked out.
    wickedchargerrt ·
    it was flippin retarded. Looked in general charger, nothing. Looked up "how , to, do , everything" seperately and together, looked up exact thread titles i knew were in there nothing. Had to search your user i.d. to find threads you posted to get the thing. How do they expect people to find chit around here if the search only works once every 30 seconds and doesnt allow words less than 4 characters? Grrrrrrrrrr

    Sorry i needed to rant
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