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  • bigballinjim23 ·
    I have a quick question, I noticed on an old thread that u were maybe going to get some 275/30/24 tires and check if they fit on the rear. I blew out one of my 275/25/25 pirellis and was thinking about going 275/30/24 in the back, did you ever try it to see if they fit??
    FuZzDaMoNsTa ·
    Its all good. Bad news though lost my job had to come back up to Ga. sold my charger n stripped it down n selling everything off it. Hows your charger looking now?
    FuZzDaMoNsTa ·
    What up man long time no talk. I moved down to Tampa bout 3 weeks ago and jus seeing if you still can hook me up with tinting my lights and my flashtech leds installed. Hit me back up homie.
    vlad2007 ·
    Damn man those things look sick do you have 2 set of headlights with different LED halos ?

    I was talking to steve from flashtech was thinking of getting some cutome projectors and halos but the price seems abit high cause i'll see what happens.
    InvictuSRT8 ·
    thanks :D, we got lucky with him because as a kitten the breeder couldnt tell he was going to have rosetted spots so i think we ended up paying 600. Later she said she originally would have sold something with his marks for at least 1200. Witching hour bengals was the name of the breeder. We were getting a silver one before him but it was from a bad breeder and the kitten ended up dying unexpectedly before we even got it.

    you defiantly get what you pay for though, he likes playing in water, tears up the toilet paper in the bathrooms, plays fetch (we even taught him to sit and shake like a dog lol)
    Speedlogix ·
    Thanks for checking in and the heater worked great. I love the pressure sensor, that is handy! I don't spray right off the line due to traction issues but I let her rip at about 15' out of the box. :) I'd love the single billet bracket with heater built-in still.
    Speedlogix ·
    Good to see you here! I definitely need that bracket and heater by Tuesday so I can run the 1/4 mile Wednesday! Can we do it? Send decals, too! ;)
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