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  • dellagratti ·
    I was reading a thread about where a RB5 was installed in place of a 4.3 radio. you stated that you had tons of info on this subject, could I get that info from you?
    No-Hemi ·
    I want to add an aftermarket radio to my car with the 8.4" screen, is there a kit for it ? The reason im asking is because I want to add an 4ch amp and an amp for my subs but dont want to cut the factory wires for the amps.
    toddxls ·
    sup guy, jus curious bout the kmc wheels. they say +15 even though there 22*11. does this makes them sit flush compared to a 22*10.5 with a +18 offset? n what size rears do you ride on. I think ur car has bn one of the nicest chargers out there. aloso let me kno if or when you sell your coilovers or wheels. thanks again. might let fxcustoms do my ride
    country ·
    After going back and forth with aac I finally got them to tell me they had the circle ones haha one thing I want to known is how do they look with the headlights on? Is there leakage?
    country ·
    hi I love your halos where did u find them I am getting halos soon and would rather have those than wait for the plasma ambers to come off of back order please get to me asap
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