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  • TreborRT ·
    What up what up, I'm so ready to get me a bike. I want a black one to match me charger but will settle for any color. See you got an 06 Daytona, nice.
    bee191 ·
    I am very close to you, only about 1 1/2 hours away or so. Its nice to see another girl on the forum!!! Their aren't very many of us here!!! :)
    eggsandbacon ·
    sorry for the delay. i had the car flashed and was told that itll turn the limp mode off, which it did. i then drove it for about 35 miles or more and went to the deli for a minute and came back to limp mode problems. i was a block away from home so i parked it and its been for about 5 days limping with P 0520, which is a new code... i reflashed it to get it out of limp mode and got a new code...
    Ddaddy ·
    Interesting that you work for Merck. I am Director of Technical Development at Iroko Pharmaceuticals here in Philly. I have worked for DuPont, Cephalon, Alkermes, Affinity Biotech and GTx. Small world!
    Ddaddy ·
    You are in Hatfield, aren't you? I did some work out there back when I worked at DuPont.

    I grew up in this area but have been away for the past 12 years following job opportunities in Cinci and Memphis. I just moved back last year. It's nice to be back. :)
    Requiem478 ·
    Yeah probably! You need to get pics of your charger up, I'll probably recognize it when I see it. There are barely any chargers in our area, so a beautiful car like the charger really stands out among all the ricers.
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